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Is now the CEO and chief strategist at quill intelligence So we'll get her take on what to expect Right now when I get over to John Tucker he's got your Bloomberg business flash JT All right Matt stocks mixed ahead of the Federal Reserve decision Investors digesting solid economic data are mostly good earnings the major indexes closed at records in the last three sessions They're at a pressure ahead of this fed announcement today Just a bit What to expect from the Federal Reserve today we put that question there Alan ruskin a little earlier He's a Deutsche Bank We'll get first to the taper It's too early to talk about rates really rates going higher We'll mention inflation I think the word transitory will get ditched probably in the statement I think they'll accept that yes inflation will talk at least that inflation will be coming down We got data today from the payroll services company ADP private businesses they say hired 571,000 workers last month Better than expected figure and it comes ahead of Friday's important government jobs data for October Among the individual companies reporting results lift surged Activision Blizzard sank Zillow lost more than 15% at one point after it announced it was winding down its home purchasing company after concluding the business was just too volatile Right now we have the NASDAQ up 14 points just a tenth of a percent rise to S&P 500 Down four points the Dow 68 points lower ten year yield at one 57 of a two year at 2.48 that's a 108 basis point difference between the two And as we look at gold right now more signs that the economy is going along pretty nicely from those economic reports gold right now is lower down 25 80 an ounce at 1763 We check the markets for you every 15 minutes during the trade day right here on blooper radio I'm John Tucker That's your Bloomberg business flash Matt Paul All right John Tucker.

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