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U. S. economy the federal vice chairperson Stanley Fischer says America's economy could be sluggish for a very long time with low interest rates partly to blame let's check in with investment adviser Catherine Austin Fitts from salary dot com Catherine do you agree with his statement that the low interest rates for the reason that we're having a sluggish economy no jurors I think I think actually is that a group of people of which Mister Fisher is one of the more than centralizing economy for decades in a way that shutting it down so a you know is that the whole world is debating what model we're going to be run on and Mister Fisher is part of a group of people who want to centralize it into what George H. W. bush used to refer to is tighter and writer hands and it's not working and people are getting in a very frustrated and upset because they see their productivity being destroyed fourth quarter very important a retail establishments this Christmas season any feeling for George it depends on whether we get over the elections are not you know that the elections are going to turn this into a Scrooge so I'm you know I I think we're gonna be sluggish okay Johnson thank you will check in with you later Catherine Austin Fitts was just with us just a short while ago in our studio in Los Angeles target stores say they have removed some clown masks from stores and online due to the recent rise of crazy clown skaters a recent craze that has gone to social media showing people wearing creepier scary looking clown massing going up to people to scare the living daylights out of them that's the reason target has decided to pull those masks conventional medical wisdom has long held that the placebo or fax depend on patients believe they're getting active medication will a paper published in the journal pain is the first to demonstrate that patients who knowingly took a placebo that's like a pill with nothing in it in conjunction with traditional treatment for lower back pain saw more improvement than those given traditional treatment all by themselves strange story over the weekend the conspiracy theorists text is mother to say if anything happens to me investigate just days before his mysterious death Max spears thirty nine years old father to two was found dead on a sofa in Poland where he had gone to give a talk about conspiracy theories in UFOs he was role of died from natural causes despite no autopsy examination being carried out on his body strange story there two Chinese astronauts began the country's longest crude space mission yeah blasting off on the spacecraft for a thirty day stay on experimental space station as China navigates its way to becoming a space super power and watch out on Wednesday October nineteenth a European USP agency probe called chaparral equal peer shoot to the surface of Mars following a fiery plunge through the atmosphere will be on top of that story and as you know several times a month we highlight podcasts people who are very talented who have had little shows on on their own podcast about the paranormal and the unusual tonight we highlight anything go Cheryl she was laying in my bed under the blanket when we talk to her have you seen the girl lately yes and you describer her hair she sat up and touched my hair then my cousins here both dark at the time and half long and she said my mom.

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