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J. Simpson was stabbed this past week with the vaccine shot. That's right. He O. J. Simpson got the vaccine before your mom did. It's really nice to see S. Oh, he's got it. He was all excited about it. He tweeted a photo of himself getting the vaccine, he says, Get your shot. I got mine. He's got a face mask on that says the juice. So that way, although his face is covered, you know who would It's amazing to me that he still thinks that people want to see him in the spotlight. I guess we do talk about him in every tweet and remember what he joined Twitter. Actually, I think you would ever having the conversation of Should we follow him? I was like now. We shouldn't. We can't. But he still makes news. Yeah, I like his his Twitter videos that again They're all kind of like vaguely threatening. Hey, there. America. Remember me like, Yeah, We remember RJ. We see a buddy um, so anyway, so now he's a He's a leader. He's one of these people. He's a Kamila Harris like you get the shot. You do it in public, and you do it to inspire others. So O. J. Simpson inspiring. Million's this week. Also inspiring is Thea Extent to which our government has no idea what is doing the Pentagon. This is a real headline. Pentagon Halts Plan to Offer Cove in 19 vaccinations to get mo detainees amid backlash why did it have to get here? The Pentagon on Saturday, Fox News reports. Announced that it was quote, pausing a plan to give Cove in 19 vaccinations at Guantanamo Bay. After accusations from Republicans and 9 11 survivors that it was prioritizing terror suspects over Americans. Defense Department press secretary John Kirby. John Kirby is back at the Defense Department, he says, quote no Guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated. We're positing the plan to move forward as we review force protection protocols. We remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops Safe, Uh, they apparently Beverly had planned on vaccinating the 40 detainees. Gitmo and again before your grandma gets vaccinated they were going to do, uh, war criminals and included in this is the suspected mastermind of the September 11 attacks. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or chaos them so Is it possible that chaos, um would get a vaccination before 9 11 survivors. That is where we are in this country. Once again, we have failed to shoot KSM. Uh, this time with the vaccine. So what? Like who in their right mind thought this was a good idea. The claim was the prosecutors were concerned that they weren't gonna be able to move forward with the war crimes hearings at the base, which let me say when did the 9 11 attacks happened? When did they occur? All that was almost 20 years ago. And we're still awaiting war crimes hearings that get mouth Right now. And you're telling me the pandemic is the thing that slowed down the pace. 19 years in all of us in the pandemic arrives and you're like, Oh, boy, we were really hurtling towards a resolution on these war crimes. But then the pandemic can't really slowed. Things down. Can't wait till we get a vaccine so we could get these guys back to trial. What? And here's the other thing. To me. It seems like jail cells was the perfect way to socially distance. I'm pretty sure even if they got cove ID there are there would be ways. If you're in jail to keep you from infecting the general population, which is not very large on Gitmo. This we're talking about soldiers there, Which, of course you want them to be safe went up, vaccinate the soldiers. About that. Look, let's save the vaccine for now. No vaccines for the war criminals and Gitmo. But as soon as there is enough vaccine that is after each and every American who wants one gets vaccinated. We should send Dr Fauci down there and he could administer the vaccine to KSM. They could just wear two masks. They'd be safe. They just mask double Medscheme found she could torture those guys. He could put them all into masks. Make it so they can't breathe. You know, maybe get some more information out of him. Um All right. So it just So you know, your government is paying attention to you ever so slightly 7 23 I w e mail where Washington comes.

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