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Rees the latest trending stories at the top and bottom of every hour on this is news is all news radio WTVN Hey it's Erin and Harley owners one donation last week I saw a sign at a car dealership that said hassle free pricing I mean really hassled I can imagine that so me and my brother is going to act out how how this would work it when donation ready Harley ready I'm looking to buy a quality windows great we know nation is exactly what you need our custom windows are made for precision accuracy and a tight seal no see there needs to be a hassle so pressure me into buying something no pressure at all we know nation when you're ready to get the best windows of your life at the best price I'll be waiting you're incapable of hassling anyone which is actually pretty cool right now it would donation by two windows get two free with zero percent interest for eighteen months bye for windows get for free by six windows get six free all with zero percent interest for eighteen months you won't find a better deal anywhere else call now or visit with donations for your free estimate mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at fifty eight years old eight years and so the disease was when all the lights one out for me this look into the eyes of someone with Alzheimer's sometimes you just don't see the stuff the person's soul and it takes a toll on everyone I mean it's it's it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes she actually thought those of us who are caring for her and loved her most were her worst enemies more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders this disease just ravages of family it changes your life the magnitude of it is indescribable my mother taught me to be in the moment we have to live in the moment with them and I'm going to be with that person right now in this moment wherever she is now is the moment to stop Alzheimer's disease called bright focused at eight five five three four five six two three seven this.

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