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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman the house of representatives is opening a historic debate today lawmakers will decide whether president trump should become the third president ever impeached in U. S. history as NPR's miles parks reports it appears almost certain that he will be lawmakers are laying out their arguments for and against impeachment for the final time before a vote on the house floor Democrats say president trump abused his power as president by pressuring Ukraine to announce investigations that would help him politically Republicans say Democrats of rush to judgment that fits their political agenda without enough evidence to back it up the democratic controlled house is expected to vote to impeach trump after that the process will move to the Senate for trial it would take a super majority there that's two thirds of all senders to remove trump from office that's a high bar considering Republicans outnumber Democrats in that chamber miles parks NPR news Washington meanwhile president trump has said house speaker Nancy Pelosi a blistering six page letter accusing the Democrats of what he calls quote an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power trump blames the Democrats for being selfish and acting for partisan gain as the house is debating whether to impeach president trump he will travel to Michigan tonight from member station W. D. ET Quinn Klinefelter reports that trump will visit battle creek the president and vice president Mike pence are headlining what they call a merry Christmas rally the trump campaign is targeting Michigan state he flipped from blue to red in twenty sixteen trump appealed to working class voters he said Democrats had forgotten GOP groups here are using the impeachment proceedings to galvanize the president's base and target Michigan Democrats in particular first term congresswomen Alyssa slot can and Haley Stevens who won in districts long held by Republicans for NPR news I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit the house has approved two ma'am IT spending bills to fund the federal government through the end of the next fiscal year the bills worth about one point four trillion dollars now move to the Senate for consideration without the funding packages federal agencies will run out of money at midnight this Friday public union strikes continue in France against the French government's plans to reform the country's retirement system mass transit networks are crawling and schools are closed transit workers and teachers have joined demonstrations even the popular Eiffel Tower is closed as workers walked off the job tourist Victor Helberg is visiting from South Africa very frustrating.

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