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5 one twos against an arm on 7s, which there was left with one Pedro rigas in the gulf 9 one 7. And for I moved aiming around the chasing cars. To try and get one of them in range because he was the quickest driver. So he was he was the Ferrari Lee drive at a time when there was some pretty handy for Ali drives around. So yeah, I think Damien is right. I think how do you hung around in 1771 a few little Jackie X did with that color code, maybe it was still getting better, but aemon surely would have done at least a good job. And maybe we'd have just added to the list of ridiculous ways that he lost he lost races. It's just the universe didn't fancy it. I don't think. That's our first list of series three. So make sure you tune in. Same time next week as we continue our series our auto sport dot com editor Hayden Cobb will join us on the next one along with these two gentlemen, quick plug for the book then. When's it out? Is there a date? I've got to finish it. It should be in 2023, hopefully. So I'm in the closing yards now. So yeah, it's coming soon. We look forward to having you back. When you can tell us all about it, we'll do a whole podcast. It sounds like a fantastic that means Damian can write the top ten bennis on drivers because it was the one of the few lists that I didn't take because when's it been the Tom Wednesday Renault owns in stone obviously Benson became very but raced against Renault and tolman and I just thought it sounded too hard. Well, it's interesting. So most people think benetton started in 86 because officially that's when the team changed its name from tolman, but it bought tolman early in 85. So those who work at the team. But think that the last Holman was a bed at home. So pat Simmons has been on started in 85 to 86. And then it finished in 2001, which was the last season. It was called benetton, even though Renault had bought the team in 2000. I've been asking consistent right now. You get inside to what I haven't done. I haven't done a business on I just saw literally hard, but maybe I can set maybe that's maybe that's a task for Damon. Once you've done the book, get the book done first. Let's get that out. All right. Thank you so much. For listening, tune in to number two on our top tens list series three. We'll catch you on the next one.

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