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He's dead is like almost two generations of apart and I went into this yoga studio and I couldn't help but think of him because there was the in the older bickering but. Going down to absolutely nothing being so of sinking Miami that's. Not Done. Do it. Come compose. The August, love whisky. So it's all about understanding. What other people are interested inside a guy on size this to art been I have before me a letter from Edward. Who was active in Boy Scout Work One day I found on native fiber right Mr Challenge a big scout jamboree was coming off in. Europe and I wanted the president of one of the largest corporations in America to pay the expenses of one of my boys for the trip fortunately, just before I went to say this man, I, heard that in drawing a check for a million dollars. Now, let's remember that this book was written back in the thirties. A lot of money that was lot and after it was canceled, he had it framed. So the first thing I did when I entered, his office was asked to say the chick a check for a million dollars. I told him. I. Never knew that anybody had ever written such chick and that I wanted to tell them, i. Actually saying chick for MU dollars he gladly shouted to me I admired and Aston tell me all about how happened to be drone United States you that Michele didn't begin by talking about the boy scouts old Jamboree in Europe or what he was that he wanted he talked in terms of what interested the other man his the result in presently the man I was interviewing said. By the way, what was it that you wanted to say me about? So I told him to my boss surprise Mr Cello continues he not only granted immediately what I asked will but much more at Asti percent only one boy to Europe but he sent five boys and myself guide me a letter of credit for a thousand dollars lot amount and told. US to stay in Europe for not two weeks but not four weeks but seven weeks he also gave me letters of introduction to his branch presidents putting them ask service and hey, himself in Paris showed us around the town since then he's given boy, he's given jobs to some of the boys whose parents were in want and he's still active group yet I. If I hadn't found out what he was interested in and Gordon warmed up I. I wouldn't have found him one tenth as eighty two approach. So ben talking in terms of other people's interest pays off of both parties. Howard's it. Later in the field of employee communications has always followed this principle. When asked what reward he got from his Mr whose book responded that he? Not only received a different reward from each person but that in general, the reward had been an enlargement of his life each tom he spoke to some haggard zapping. Matt is a good story Bras love good stories. There is some wisdom in that principle number I'd talking to the other person's interests I hear we got someone right into his last week was staved bice listener vows. said at standing. Thanks a really loved. You'll episode three. Oh. Three three money rules for law. One question I have is how do I get my kids fifteen year old nineteen year old twenty three twenty-three-year-old to listen to this golden information. About money investing early in life design out and Siam old good tips on how to get teens and kids on board would be gripe. Thanks he and Piss you guys do tend to talk a lot about the footy in brackets not the real cond dash in our L. But a good listen anyway. So they been some forty sometimes. That's The storm. Yeah stole the Rabbit is doing wrong. Sorry. I'll say when the rabbit is doing well. I'll talk him up because that's where I used to leave in Sydney and just for the team is to follow but now all Melvin the Melvin stones. Pretty reliable pretty reliable. So stay outside you is if we think about what you're saying the book, we need to talk about things that interest your children. So if you think about apple podcasts, warm them up we've got Andrew Bogut we've got. Matched trauma. We if they're into sport, we've got sport if they're whatever they're interested in, we've had Rachel call who's in the arts. We've got a whole bunch of people who've come onto air podcast. So first of all, they are interested in and then think about what is it that we have an episode that might be interesting to them because that's number one and number two I'll quickly work at what is important to them the things that they like around into cricket. Basketball. Rating or whatever ease frame the conversation around the money listens that we're talking about in terms of what it is that they are interested in so that you can get them to do what they want to do rather than what you do. That's tablet technology shows in the tube. Ross. Remember the one we did with the boys from Fauria Ellen virtual reality and all side we had nargile. From the group who took assert some of the technology stuff cited some fun stuff in there as well. So that might be the warm up. They got a couple of days you've been on this boat. So hopefully that works say but I'll get of kids of my own who roll their eyes at anything that on interest enough started just talking about on cross eleven levine on and I bet you that seems to work. Jack loves more crops. was built very, very big mansions with. United Liberal was underground pools fund. Stuff's ISI. I have seen some of the. Humble residents might nothing to it nothing to say he. Very good. So they got a head for that help stave baton yellow I think we've done episode previously event maybe can help with that. When we did talk about money tips for kids will put a link in our nice for that as well. I is Q. and I dive in. It's exciting. We got some really great questions now, I. Want to come and talk to us on Space Pot let us know questions you have today we will fall off queued up in some great once I was or been. So at first question today is from trip. Let's have a listen to that now. I've been embrace.

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