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And and and what I guess I want to say about your club in particular, the manager of Liverpool is that he's done an incredible job of finding the right mix of guys and listen. I can hear your dog in the background clearly making a first appearance. I mean, she's she's making her first appearance in and and clearly agreeing with my my sentiments here, you know, he's got three incredibly talented players up top, and then three really hard workers in midfield and that combination guys that can play as well, but but they're probably known more for their industriousness. I'm talking about James Milner. Jordan Henderson in particular, those guys are just willing to do the extra running that's necessary to save that running for their talented guy. Super talented guys up top, and it's just everybody's bought in and you can sense everybody's bought in and it's great. It's really fun to watch what I noticed about PS chief. We can talk about them tactically really quick without Marco variety midfield they struggled because it could not transition. They had MARTINI step in who's usually the centerback starting centerback for them. Step into the defensive midfield fill the role wreck next radio. And I like rob your lot. I think he's a good player, but he's more of a guy that's kinda just I don't know he, he's the guy that connects everything, but he's not gonna make that telling pass where variety I think can can do a little bit more with the ball, takes a little bit more space and it's just maybe a better defensive midfielder all things considered. And I thought they really missed him because neymar was dropping really deep to get the ball in Bob a little bit invisible for most of the game. So it's one of those things where. How much credit do we give Liverpool for really taking it to PS g and we always knew they were going to high press, but also how big of a loss was that for Marco variety, and I went on my YouTube channel kinda talked about neymar and did he make the right move by going to Paris has has impeded his development at all because he's not being challenged on a weekly basis. Of course, he's getting these big games in the Champions League, but by plane and league is losing his sharpness. And this goes not just for him, I guess. But for the whole team, look at the dog totally agrees with me. So this channels too far away that only yell in fine. It's fine. Look, listen to her like that clearly got, can you get her on the mic? That's what I really want us right now. So so I guess that's the rub, but but I don't wanna take anything away from Liverpool. I thought they played fantastic. They still almost gave that game away, but they found a way to win in the end. I think that's a hallmark of a good team. You were talking about the midfield. I, I was really impressed. And whether you give Liverpool credit for it or you sort of, you know, didn't sensually say. PS didn't really bring it. I'm leaning more towards the Liverpool bringing it, and I was really impressed with James Miller Mr. you know, like vanilla ice cream, no sprinkles like he's just like the most boring person. He just, you know, seems like it. I'm sure he's not. He's probably actually funny, but he he had a great game in midfield. He helped take neymar out of the game and they did not do much in this game. I was really sort of prized by that any sort of penalty to boot. So you know, he had a great game. I was really impressed with them. Obviously for me, no came off the bench to save the day. And I mean, it was, I was I was really impressed by Liverpool more than I was disappointed by PS. Gee, I guess I'll say, okay, so all add this because it almost two now, would the narrative change for you had a Bank account would have changed how that goes without saying, but but if the game had ended two, I think we'd be talking about this in a lot different way -absolutely. Because there, of course, they do of course that that he has GPS g despite not playing well, still found a way to come back from two goals down at Anfield this place that was Rockin as you say..

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