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We have timmy shallow may as <hes> prince hal fifteenth century monarch with with a attractive east london hipster bolcom and then in the blue corner we have the dauphin of france played by robert pattinson with possibly probably the greatest funny frenchaccent in the history of cinema and a kind of almost cobain ish bleach blonde bob. Do you think that's i coming up of <hes> of the film well. I'm just gonna go right in here and say this is a film. It's really easy to make fun of. I mean i happen to the get slightly. Aware of the fact that it can can present is quite silly when you've got mannered fifteenth century language but i think that it succeeds on a lot of levels i loved it. The castle young i read something <hes> where david michel said had you know people died really young in medieval times we imagine kings is being these kind of older stately men but really king henry the fifth died. He was like thirty five or something. I think so you know when you're looking at these guys. They are just like these young impulsive guys in charge of these vast armies and the other thing that i love about it is how tactile it is. I think the production design the costumes it looks kind of naturalistic in dirty and real and the set piece of the film is the battle of austrian court art and i think that's probably one of my favorite parts like it's the narrative kind of hinges on it kind of builds up to it and it's all kind of set in this muddy field. It's been rainy night and the english are really outnumbered by the dolphins army and they manage to use the mud to their tactical advantage. Two men are grappling appling on the ground and you can't really tell them apart or see anything aside from people drowning in and bleeding in it and it's just got this really awful tactile feel to it. I was watching this in <hes> ever thinking back to the days of my history degree and studying schinkel and the primary sources and talking about all the <hes> the battle tactics six there. I actually think i wrote an essay on long. Bows versus the french crossbows and wide wide along those were so much better because she had the range it kind of goes into some of that those battle tactic details but for me i gotta say i thought shallow maywood was a bit of a bust as a regent. His performance just didn't work. It felt very kind of showy and maybe he was trying a little bit too hard. Maybe so focused too heavily on maintaining his slightly pushing english accent and i totally get you with the aesthetic side and i think the battle scene is interesting and certainly that kind of mass huddle they get into where it's just this of overhead overhead shot worries where the frame is completely filled with bodies for yeah. It just takes a long time to get there and and and a lot of going through this off historical epic cliche ashamed as well such as the big battle speech and the treacherous side players and the the arguments against the evil cleric and it's. I think that's the thing that i didn't do it for me. I wish i had seen the film that robert pattinson was in or thought he was in rather than the film the timothy shallan may he was in which is the film that david michaud does tried to make which is a question of po faced serious historical battle film. I think you were saying yesterday. That use may be a bit more humor in the whole thing yeah. I think there are moments. There's sort of part where the cleric that you mentioned is talking at length about some quite dull political matter and chaumet cuts him off. I can't remember what the line is. It cuts him off and quite a contemporary way as if to say i'm bored and kind of in a way sort of non wink to the audience because going through the procedural roll internal politics of the court is a little bit dull and definitely the film picks up momentum secondhand sure but yeah in terms of humor also i mean the patents in performance is almost camp..

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