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Would the you know chief staff for national security adviser and they're for probably only a couple of times where he uh would you know actually come down to the office in the middle of the night so you've said that you know being a a white house photographers really a job for someone in their midthirties our 40s and your fifty four win you started gosh now though whole world scrivano um you watched obama age we all washed obama age in office says every president does you feel like you aged more than the eight years maybe i asked my wife i did the my my hair didn't tour is is uh is president obama's but like now i've got this this bald spot that's kind of out of the top of my head which kind of annoys me but i guess that's that comes with a as you age so i think he just blame obamacare now i to be series for second me i try to you you know one of the things that i hear about president obama and i'm somewhat jealous of is he's very disciplined person in terms of exercise and diet and you know people say he age will that's mostly because his here's counter in gray but i i bet he's probably in better shape today than he was in january two thousand nine and you know i took a page from that and i did try to exercise regularly try to eat rice aid be you know those things make a make a difference.

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