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It doesn't it doesn't really make sense. I considered myself all the way up to this point in my life and and and most especially now very very lucky person I was given enormous opportunity. I was blessed to had a great marriage and and I have really close relations with my four daughters have lifelong friends. I had a dream. I'm job at lived in New Brunswick. Come on it was awesome. how could someone that's so blessed want to you know just think that that's a rational option defined piece really early in the thought of ending ending my life yeah it was difficult. Kenneth tried to hide his depression from his father and from the company but at a certain point became too much and he finally asked his wife Tasha's for help and I had had the courage that morning when I woke up in Saint John to tell her I said don't don't leave me alone and when I told her that she didn't need to say anything she knew but I I it. It didn't get better. Uh it started to get worse for few months. He carried on working and traveling but he's never left alone again. Then one day in April twenty ten he hurt himself again and it became clear that he needed more drastic help a psychiatrist came to the House and recommended Kenneth Check himself into a facility for zone safety so he decided to leave but not before visiting irving oil one last time with his face still horribly bruised Kenneth showed his psychiatrist tryst around his office joking to please that he'd hit his face on a door. It didn't fool anyone then departed for Boston to check into a psychiatric award a few months later Kenneth would have his last face to face conversation with his father. He won't say what they spoke about but soon the company audience that Kenneth Irving was no longer. CEO of Irving oil yesterday's news that Kenneth Irving take an indefinite leave of absence from the company definitely finally started people talking about what was going to happen next with the corporation. We still have no independent confirmation of why Kenneth leaving the company owned newspapers quoted an email from the CEO talking about health setback Kenneth was replaced CEO not long after except for one minute phone call can it's father Arthur has never spoken to him. Again and Kenneth has never even stepped foot in Saint Johnson's then besides to pack up his house. It took Kenneth a longtime to return any kind of normalcy in while he was struggling Kenneth went to court in Bermuda against the rest of his family. What we know about the court case is truly early heartbreaking while they're still some dispute about what the case was really about? Kenneth made a few conditions for any kind of settlement. He wanted a retirement party at Irving oil that would acknowledge contributions to the company he wanted a family meeting with his siblings who also wasn't speaking to the time attended by professional mediator gator and he wanted the settlement to force his father to come to a family activity with him. None of that happened.

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