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Their home to yours the team at rocket mortgage is with you is it rocket mortgage dot com let's head on down south to support sponsored by you a local union three ninety three here's how other no crashes at the moment from the chill not a body traffic deaths but that certainly doesn't mean for delay free there is very heavy traffic into Gilroy north bound wanna one from twenty five up to Monterey road and then heading north west five eighty slow from the tolls to the west end of the Richmond San Rafael bridge they are inspecting once again the bridge and the left lane is closed for that reason in Petaluma looks worse today north one one jams up just north of San Antonio and stays heavy to lake fill a co worker just drove through there it took him twenty two minutes to make that stress south bound wanna one is jammed from Washington to Petaluma Boulevard south and of course there's a jam up in and out of San Francisco on north and southbound one oh one because of the aluminium project going on no troubles for the bay bridge traffic sponsored by a U. a local union three nine three representing thousands of construction workers in the plumbing pipe fitting an H. back our service technician fields throughout the South Bay local three nine three's been building it right the first time for over one hundred fifteen years partly sunny and cooler today around the bay with highs near sixty at the coast to eighty inland same story tomorrow and Friday then even a little cooler this weekend with highs in the mid seventies inland this is Kristin.

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