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Plans to decide to be moved his valley relics museum at chatsworth dunn says her ultimate goal is to restore the facade is part of the moroccan themed restaurant back into dan is looking into that's a door in industry eastbound side of the sixty just four seven th avenue rep with the motorcycle that's on the right shoulder be of emergency crews on the scene to ticking away the right lane that's what slowing things down right now as come off of crossroads parkway stocks christina the route seventy tom traffic line triple eight five hundred five thousand three she gives the update north hollywood one seventeen orthodox for at a oxnard i should say you have a record as the offering down watterson look at these moves into enemy lines and in norrkoping northbound side of the fifteen it's six streets it's an investigation into a fatal accident all lanes remain shut down your red cells from second streets taken everybody haas of the freeway there at six traffic is getting worse kfi is fighting back come ryan duggan that's just about fifty degrees partly cloudy mostly the same temperatures and a slight chance of drizzle to the rest of the week hizballah sixty th beaches below seventy midseventies inland mostly sunny by friday and into the weekend a little bit warmer it's fifty nine in burbank we leave local from twenty four hour newsroom i'm michael rose salik here this is lars it's iheartradio sounds amazing on iheartradio open up the free iheartradio app right now it's based on all the.

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