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Gosh. I'm a little north of that Mary I don't count anymore. But I have a great Seger jive. Well, over two hundred we're in the top one percents. What I'm hearing. I'd probably have less than everyone here. Probably have less than every football. And you work with David to maybe. I I wanted to defend myself. I grew up in a family where you know, I want my brother shoes and a lot of my life. I spent doing this at some point. I'm not going to have to wear shoes. I'm gonna get my own damn shoes. And it's gonna be fun, and I've not stopped doing that. So you sort of have small medium large, you know, like, we have different levels of shoe collections. I'm gonna guess your north of everybody. How how many pairs of shoes? Do you think you have? I don't know. Exactly. I would say I'm probably closer to Ed. But. I'll put it this way. When we go to Vegas. There's a suitcase just for shoes. Can you care that case honored you have to check it check? It also, you know, half of my shoes or sneakers and Claudia mean if it doesn't have name on it like minoa, buddy. Do you own a pair of sneakers, I do actually I love sneakers to for a hill. I've seen you sneakers. But you like, you know, you a two thousand dollar shoe chooser nice how many bags if you go to Vegas for the weekend. So you leave Friday afternoon. I leave the moment you all leave. So. So. Afternoon. You'll you'll you'll come back Monday morning. Yes. Monday morning you come back Monday morning. That's your thing. Oh, you're driving. If I drive Leyva four in the morning to make it here by okay? But if you're say, you're flying. Yeah. Bless her you leave Friday afternoon. Twenty flight out of McCarron airport puts me here right at eight twenty. Okay. Very good. So you're flying Vegas. Yes. How many bags do you.

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