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Whole wilcock. Now I want to get to some of our fez line caused because first of all we went almost two months without any and so I've been going through a bit of withdrawal and I know folks have things on their minds and we talked about this yesterday. The fact that we somehow screwed up and didn't realize that our voicemail was broken for essentially six weeks and I assumed and we all did that. Really no one cared anymore. They just no one was calling. And that's just the way it was gonna be. Apparently once we hit covid nineteen literally. No one was going to call the voicemail and we talked about this yesterday and I appreciate those of you that called in with thoughts like this guy do thank real quick one. I do want to make sure. Thanks working for you guys. Make sure your ear and what we're saying is let you know that you are loved a loved enough to where somebody's GonNa call you. Leave a message within two months and we very special people share. The show could be better but we still. We don't own too much of that again. Y'All have a great morning and bay. I got very nice of you clearly. He left that before we did fun with cornhole audience. Yes 'cause I'm sure that the tone of voice mail would have changed after we did fun with Cornhole audio about fifteen minutes ago much like this call. Did Way Way Way Way? Wait waiting. Did I wake up in the twilight zone? We'll really down on the corn? Oh my Lord Woody and Wilcox changed positions today coming to be guys. I will admit that he's not far off. That is a fair assessment. Because I was the one who came up with the music for the down on the Cornhole was just a fun with cornhole audio. Paul.

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