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LIMBAUGH show podcast and greetings to your music. Lovers, thrillseekers conversationalist across the fruit didn't play. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know. I know. I said yesterday that I was going to be here today. We're going to do open line. Friday told you to be thinking about challenging questions and comments army, but you know what I'm not here today. And the reason I'm not is I'm just tired. And I've been told to listen to that. The doctors and the nurses of Said don't try to push through. There's nothing to accomplish. By doing that. So I'm just GonNa Listen and acknowledged that I'm a little pooped to not try to push through it. And I wanted to be the one to convey the message. To you myself. Seriously! There's nothing wrong it's just. New set of limitations that I have to deal with. That I hope improve as time goes on. Thanks very much I. Appreciate your being here and staying. For the rest of the broadcast. Thank you folks so much. Well, I, am thrilled that you're here and I'm also thrilled that rush was nice enough to do that introduction because it again it takes the edge off for people who left the show yesterday and then twenty one hours later. You're waiting to hear rush, and you hear a guest host, and then a it starts all over again. Hey, it's the other guy. And I'm so glad. Rush diffuse that my name is Ken Matthews on the rush limbaugh show. We have so much to cover today. It has been a crazy morning a crazy night. We are seeing things a repeated in history that we have not seen in a while. We're seeing major cities burn. We're seeing a level of pain and anguish. And protest. and sadly some thuggery thrown in. And it is negatively impacting. Our country, so we're GONNA talk a lot about that, but before we go any further I want to remind you what day it is..

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