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KFI news. Got a crash on the one eighteen in San Fernando. He spent sided one eighteen before Glen oaks boulevard, right lane blocked and things are pretty tough back at around Balboa ABC that real time traffic line, triple eight five hundred five thousand three still dealing with a big rig incentive, spring Sussex. Oh, five right before telegraph or the far right lane is taken away and traffic. There is pretty heavy coming off the sixty. Meanwhile, things are heavy if you're heading along the sixty eastbound side getting out of the Monterey park make that the east LA area rather from Atlantic all the way out to about is USA check in now with Chris Payne looking at the right on the five in Irvine. Traffic is slow on the northbound side starting at culverts busy ride up towards about catella. And the southbound side looking pretty good as you leave the crush down towards the one thirty three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster time. Jalen. Where your credit? Are you listening? Motors. Day motors. Finance it all the way. Eastern's automotive group where your job is your credit is man this March to put you in a new vehicle so Easterns has dropped their prices for this sale for the first time in their history. Easterns automotive.

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