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Forty million dollars a year because of what he's capable of doing with the ball in his hand. And So Chris Paul, then is like, hey, if I'm going to be running the offense, then I want hord and out of the game. I'm not mad at him for saying that he wants out of the game when he runs the office because I don't know how much of the rockets you watch. But when I watch, and Chris Paul will be running the offense James Horne, which is over there resting. It was like they're playing four on five when that would happen, as I don't blame Chris Paul under that, if he's like dude is going to be over there, standing there and get him out of here and get somebody to go make a cut that's gonna make a move like Chris Paul does look to be a Steph slower and everything else, because also looks to be in an office. They really I don't think fits around the things he does best. And all of this. I think was like you could see this from a distance that these things were going to happen. And then once they made the decision that they would just go run the ISO heavy offense. I understand that, that is the most effective thing. They felt like they could do. But they had to understand that this was not tenable that this was not sustainable there with the personality mix that you had there you were going to need to go out there and do something else. And now here we are with the rockets. Oh, by the way gave. One could argue they might be the second best team in the west. Yeah, I'm in the last three seasons then was beat the warriors. And now the warriors aren't the warriors, at least in the way that they were constructed before they still have James harden. Cappella looked mighty useless when he was out there playing against the warriors this year. But there are other places that they can use them like this is a wild situation. This team is still pretty good. But it also does look like it. They don't look like they got everything they need is that makes sense. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense part of why Maury wants to break it up. Yeah. But I'm not sure what else they need. If you're watching the rockets, I guess, they need more shooting, right? Like Eric Gordon is a good player to have to play alongside hard and Chris Ball. But I do think they need more shooting. They could really use a big who could shoot. I think that's something that you could say because I love J Tucker, but he's still undecided dude, like it would help, if they had a big that can space the floor, or, you know, that, that would be good like are things that they need. But at once this team feels like it's in total chaos. On the other hand, it feels like they're right close to get in the ring like. This thing about this. We were ready to break rockets up impart because they lost in the second round the playoffs this year after they may game seven to the conference finals last year. But part of them losing in the second round in the playoffs this year's because they happen to catch the warriors in the second round this year, as a, what that did was they gave us like a legitimate month to pick this roster report and talk about everything that was wrong with it if they had gone six games with the warriors in the NBA finals and then just two weeks later. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson get hurt. We look at the rockets and we say, yo their window just opened up. Instead all this other stuff happened. And now we're like yo rock is look like they're falling apart. And somehow both of those things might be true at once. They just got to hope to Chris Paul can play very well next season because they it do to forty million dollars a year for three more think they've just got to hope that dude is ready to ball, and if that do comes out there, and he's ready to ball, then they've got a very good chance in the west. And I think it's fair to have some faith in Maury will make some moves. He might like overlook some things in the process. But he's earned the trust that he'll go out here and figure out how to make a move they got owner who says he wants to win and says the he will spend whatever it takes except. Oh, I forgot. I don't even.

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