Bumblebee, Hundred Thirty Million Dollar discussed on KC O'Dea Show


Hundred thirty million dollar budget overseas. Returns will definitely help hanging onto the number three spot. Bumblebee added twenty million to give it just over sixty seven million today while that's a decent performance. The heavy year end competition may hold it. Back from overtaking 2017 transformers the last night as fifth highest grossing film in the series man into the spider verse hung onto the fourth spot, adding eighteen million to give it a total of one hundred four million so far and the mule rounded out the top five with twelve million and sixty one million overall after its second weekend and that's your weekend box office review on iheartradio. In times of constant chaos. Chaos in order to this chaos. Nothing rattles rush. The phones are down. So nobody's there. But most post right now won't be panicky today at noon. This does not affect me on one. Oh, six one FM talk an iheartradio station. Now normally normally when we opened the show I want to get into maybe a story or two, and I'll give you a rundown of what we're going to be talking about. And I'm addressing you know, essentially, everyone that's out there. But today's going to be.

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