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Ellison mounts who is the the bastard son of Deva Lance's brother who was stabbed and shot earlier in the story. Charles, Gillespie, French dock Ellis. They launch a midnight attack on the McCoy household New Year's day eighteen eighty eight so have a New Year's McCullough the hatfields just own been surrounded. You'll for years just hold onto a ship Natal Yukon, the Voltaire ex you caught in a Brown off the half Fieldstone under the cover of darkness, the hatfill surround the house demand the McCoy meant surrender ole Randall in his son Calvin refused. They take up defensive positions inside the house against orders to hold fire. Johnny start shoot into the house in the ensuing. Gunbattle crazy, Jim Vance, Tom Chambers. Set fire to the house of one Randall McCoy's young daughters, Allah fair shot. As she opened the kitchen door to try to get out of a burning house, by the way, if you have seen the history channel hatha McCoy mini series drama, which is excellent is historically accurate for the most part. She was not a young child as she was portrayed in that in that docu series. She sears. She was she's twenty nine possibly even thirty have sources say one have said the other. So she gets shot coming out of the burn house. And then her mother Sarah McCoy goes to try to aid her dying daughter. And then Jim Vance strikes her repeatedly with the butt of his rifle despite her injuries. She continues to try to help Allah fair and then Jonty. The dude who wanted to be her son-in-law while back in this tale pistol whips the fucking shit out of her to a point. She will never mentally recover, man. Johnny pistol whipping the mother of the woman he dated for months supposedly wanted to pistol up in the aunt of his current wife. The fire spreads Calvin McCoy tries to make a run for the some corn. He gets shot. Wanna rental sons? Oh, Randall he's able to escape into the woods at this point, the Hatfield party realizes not only had they failed at their plan to to kill Randall. They'd made their situation far worse it escalated in shit that they probably in a way, they probably not imagine both Calvin Allah, fair dead. So two more two more Randall McCoy's kids five of its kids. Now have been killed this feud Sarah, his wife gravely wounded with the broken arm, broken hip and crushed skull. Yeah. And she would be brain damaged for the rest of her life. Most of the property was also destroyed forcing Randall to move in with his remaining family in the pike Ville, home of Perry Cline there. The formerly disowned daughter Rosanna goes over and takes care of her beaten mother. God man, Randall is getting the worst of this view. Holy shit. Hatfields of now. Killed four of sons one of his daughters. Kill the pair of his nephews beat his wife almost death burned. His fucking house down killed his brother years back. Meanwhile, the only blood kin devil Anse has lost his brother Ellison this few to this point, you know, the midnight attack on the McCoy farm. This is this is the event of first drew national attention to the feud newspapers all over the region running sensationalized headlines about the event feud in general, January eighteen eighty eight Frank Phillips pike county sheriff's deputy official agent of governor Buckner in the Hatfield matter..

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