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To She's often very helpful in in in restoring my confidence and it's to create that same experience now with Greta with my say what I thought I'd finally shows. John was still arlene here. Here's the latest. What Book Changed Your Life Okay? That's good this. This is a funny one but actually it was Bernard Malamud The natural I read was like the first book I read. I think kind of like felt like a grown. Oh notebook how old were you. I was pretty young. I think it was like Like ten And I we were allowed to pick pick our own. You know at that point. You've been assigned books you know and I'd love to kill a mockingbird catcher in the rye great gatsby all the books that were that were part of the school curriculum at that time but then we were allowed to pick a book and I picked it because it was baseball. But it's really about mythology collagen about American mythology. It's a book that's just stayed with me my my whole life And they made a very good movie of it but they they've ch. They changed it in the movie and I like how they changed it as like as a separate thing but the book has always stayed with me as a feel like. There's a lot in it about wrote about the world and about ambition and success but also the American dream and what that really is that I think also it was the book itself but it was also the fact that I was reading something that felt like it was from the adult world when I was still a kid and that I understood it and liked it so so much it gave me confidence at way. Your questions twice. I know better her answers in the next question. Will you like let it takes. Yes thank you so much. No I really had fun me to thank you Allan. This is great and this has been clear and vivid. At least I hope so will mike thanks to discovery for being are presenting sponsor this season all the income from the ADS. You here go to the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. versity just by listening to this podcast. You're contributing to the better communication of science. So thank you for more information about the oldest center. Please visit visit all the center dot org no his recent film marriage story debuts on Netflix on December six and you want to check out some of his other films like squid and the whale and also Greenberg and Frances Ha both of which star his incredibly talented partner actress actress and writer and Director Greta Gerwig this episode was produced by Graham shed with help from our associate producer. Sarah Chase Are Sound engineer is Dan Zula are Tech Guru is Alison Causton. Publicist is Sarah Hill. You could subscribe to our podcasts for free free at apple podcasts. Stitcher or wherever you listen for more details about clear and vivid sign up for my newsletter police visit Alan alda dot com. Tom You can also find us on facebook and Instagram at clear and vivid and I'm on twitter at Alan alda. Thanks for listening bye. Bye and don't forget. Marriage story is playing in theaters now. And it'll be on Netflix. Starting December six Sarah. You did you love it as much as I love this movie. It's a great movie. It's actually my favorite Everett movie that I've seen this year and I can't wait to share it with a lot of people when it comes out on Netflix Netflix December Sixth Nixon our series of conversations. I talk with actor Ben Stiller Ben had worked with no in the movie Greenberg and Ben and I both both a lot of fun working together as actors on a couple of films including flirting with disaster. When we started that picture we really did know each other except for having seen each other on the screen? There's that moment of like okay. I'm with this person who I'm used to just watching. And now I'm interacting with with them and you know it's a bit trying to be cool and trying to like well. We were both trying to and the colder we got the more it amused us. Yes and then we got in trouble with the director. That's really starting to break each and I felt like we were getting in trouble for being funny and I mean that's the best. I think food the best feeling when you feel like. You're connecting with an actor Ben Stiller next time when clear and vivid uh-huh..

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