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From NPR news in Culver City, California, Dwayne Brown. President Trump is asserting executive privilege in a tug of war over documents related to his administration's decision to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty senses during a news conference with Poland's president today. Trump defended the action. I think when you have a census and you're not allowed to talk about whether or not somebody's a citizen or not that doesn't sound so good to can you imagine you send out a census and you're not allowed to say, whether or not a person in America citizen in Poland, they say they're either polish. They're not right. The Justice department notify the chairman of the house oversight committee today of Trump's decision to use his executive privilege. In a letter, the committee is considering whether to hold attorney general William bar, and the commerce secretary in contempt for failing to turn over these peanut documents democratic presidential candidates are rolling out, more detailed proposals in advance of the first primary debates in about two weeks. As in PR's, Daniel Kurt slave tells us, California Senator, comma Harris has just released her immigration plan Harris would immediately reinstate and expand deferred. Action for childhood arrivals, or DACA, that Obama administration policy protected some young immigrants who entered the US a legally as children from deportation. President Donald Trump rescinded the policy in two thousand seventeen a move that federal court rulings have blocked in addition, Harris's policy would provide a pathway to citizenship for people brought to the US legally, as children, a group known as dreamers Harris's campaign estimates that her proposal would protect six million immigrants from deportation. Current estimates put the total undocumented population at around eleven million, then y'all Kurtz, even NPR news. Stocks finished lower. On Wall Street today, led by drops in technology companies, as well as banks energy shares were also lower as the price of crude oil continues to decline. You're listening to NPR news. And this is WNYC in New York. I'm Jamie Floyd. Governor Cuomo has agreed to sign what's expected to be the most sweeping set of reforms to New York City's rent regulations in at least twenty years, the governor who was reportedly cut out of the legislative process, criticized the state and assembly because he said they focus too much on politics. It's the best they will willing to pass. That's what it was the best. They could pass politically the package does many of the provisions established in the nineteen nineties that favored landlords. And also let cities throughout New York state set up their own rent regulations. The governor said he'd signed the Bill by Friday. The day before the rent rules, expire. We take a deeper dive into the story with Elizabeth, Cam Gotham, est on all things considered in the five o'clock hour. The city is moving forward with plans to clamp down on ride hailing vehicles like Uber, and lift WNYC's. Stephen Nessin reports the biggest proposed change is to cap the amount of time vehicles cruise around looking for a customer below ninety sixth street between six AM and eleven PM on weekdays the city wants to limit drivers.

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