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So this is very interesting. Have you known each other all your lives or were you separated much like babies who are born to different mothers are in on day one or day three or so, and did not resume your friendship until later in life. We stayed next to each other for the whole heck of our lives. I don't think I've ever been Thursday than twenty two inches away twenty two inches away from my colleague over here. Lemme Jenin berry ever since that's a foot plus ten inches almost. Almost two feet, but fate, but it's twenty two, yes to. And why do you know that figure exactly? Is this something the bathroom? Well, look at the ruler between. Yeah. Oh, I do see that. Oh, okay. That's that's an extra long ruler. Yeah, it's it's a, it's a two foot rule there, and we gentlemen's rule. But you don't have to call gentlemen fellows. Fellows are Felicia. Okay, but it's a two foot ruler. Okay. Just keep that on your persons. We never get to the end wows if we're at the end to eat, that's like a bad story. Almost like these Star Wars movies that are out here. Well, when are we going to get to the end of these? I thought, you know the now the big question. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we're working on it. You guys are working on Star Wars. That's one of the few things that we work we. We're preneurs we inventors inventors. Yeah, we're entrepeneurship inventors what we do, we make the world better. Yeah, we like to we figure out a problem. We'll be walking down the street together and we'll we'll have the street just the other day. Sure. That's just the other day. I saw this pretty lady, and I knew exactly what to say is teller. I'm an entrepreneur and yeah. And whenever we have a problem that arises, we solve that problem and then we sell that problem. Interesting. Now I saw a funny show on CBS last year. That was about an inventor, and so it piqued my interest. How did you see it your home at that one time. I don't know. I lucked out. You big CBS all excess described. I don't know how the fates aligned the lined up. I don't know what it was, but I happen to be there in front of a TV just rate casting casting like one Fatman and making a giant, the handsome silver FOX. At the end of his life, cheating. People interest about the world of inventing, and that's where you. That's that's what it was mostly mostly. Yeah, right. So. So what are some of the things that you've invented. Wait, you really jumping into it. We can back up a little bit. Let's do that. Let's back how, okay, tiny bit. Yeah. Okay. What's one thing even. Who has a lot of pressure. I guess we should start with our most famous, yes. Or are most lucrative? Are they two separate things or are they most famous and our most lucrative are two separate thing. Okay. So I guess fame doesn't translate into money. Thank you, lost of different strokes. Once in the back of the bicycle shop with Gordon jump. So speaking of the jump from the jump, what was your most famous most famous Gordon jump..

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