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This is your worst. Podcast host. Andrew stotz and i'm here with featured guest. Aj wilcox. are you ready to rock so ready. I i'm excited. And i really love your energy in your podcast and i'm really excited to bring that energy to the audience so let me introduce you to the audience. Aj is lincoln ads pro. Who founded be to linked dot com. Lincoln and pacific ad agency in twenty fourteen is an official linked in partner host of the linked in ad. Show podcast ladies and gentlemen. Stop this thing right now in go at linked in ads show podcast. You won't regret it. And he's also managed. Among the world's largest lincoln add accounts worldwide is ginger and triathlete he and his wife live in utah with their four kids. And get this folks. He's company car is a wicked. Fast go-cart hey jay. Can you take a minute in philly further tidbits about your life. Yeah sure i'll dig into the go. Kart bed when i was a little kid. I've always been a fan of cars. And i just wanted to drive and as a little kid when your driver's licenses five ten years away the closest thing you could get is like i don't know maybe a four wheeler or a go kart and i longed for driving ago cardon owning one my parents would never let us and i grew up in arizona in the hot hot summers. We used to deliver phone books during the summer. If anyone remembers what a phone book is and i would do it on rollerblades. I saved up all my money. The entire summer for this go-cart twin five horsepower engines. It was just gonna make me like the king. The neighborhood and i go into the dealership with cash in hand and the sales rep goes. Oh sorry we discontinued that model due to safety or something. That wasn't all that important and and childhood dreams were crushed so fast sport a bunch of years. I'm gainfully employed and i see this. Just a racing go kart on the classified ads and i was like i know i'm a grown man but i have to have this and so i've been dealing with speed machines ever since. That is very cool. In fact i saw a nine hundred and sixty three lincoln continental which i particularly liked when i was young for sale about ten years ago in thailand so i bought it at a very reasonable price and i drove that for ten years enjoyed it very much at the beginning of this year actually at the end of the twentieth nineteen. The thai government changed the regulation about cars. Which basically said you couldn't the result was the value. That car went up significantly. And i had someone come along and offered to buy it at a much higher price than i paid for it so it was one of my best investment evers loving for the pandemic. It must have been almost like march. You know maybe february and brought in some cash so yes car stories but i also remember you know the one thing the obsession i had as a kid. I you bring me back to this. And i know for the listeners out there each of us had our little obsession when we were young about what we wanted for me. It was a mini bike. I wanted a mini bike. So bad and there's no way my parents would let me so. I didn't get motorcycle until i was eighteen. But then i felt much like you. I did a little catching up. So now i really want to talk to you briefly about lincoln because i see the value of linked in. I've talked with a lot of people on the show as well as other people. But i feel like for most people including myself. I'm not exactly sure how to capture that value. I see it. But i'm not exactly sure how to capture the value that i see going on in linked in so maybe you could just give us a little background about why we should be paying attention number one and one or maybe some ideas about what we could do and then finally for those people who really wanna pursue that. How can they follow you and get your knowledge great well. Lincoln is an incredible network. And it is. It's totally flown under the radar. Probably until recently like my you as a listener. You've probably heard a lot more about lincoln and the last year all the other platforms. You got facebook. They had this meteoric rise and now it's instagram snapchat for awhile. And now it's tiktok as well all these consumer platforms are going to continue to rise and fall and grabbed the public eye and ear but lincoln has always been this kind of quiet in the background. It's always done what it's done and done it. Well which is connect you to to other professionals and be that online like the business networking arm for me for the most part. It was a rolodex like this is rather than collecting people's business cards. This is how. I make. Sure i keep track of people an interesting word. There you refer to all those other platforms consumer platforms. What do you mean by that more. Just like as a break. Myself into two pieces. I have the consumer. Aj and i have the businessman. Aj the businessman. Aj love to spend time on lincoln. It's how i find prospects. It closes me deals. It connects me to people that could be business in the future but consumer. Aj loves twitter. He loves following deal sites and car sites and things. So if you're interested in the personal side of things than the other networks like facebook. Instagram are going to cater very well. Your interests

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