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In a weak restaurant conference, the last team that got into the playing game in the Western Conference needed only 34 wins to do it. You needed 40 plus to get into the east. So let me ask let me ask you this, sure, 'cause you know, I don't know, sure. Well, problems all year, man. Did a shitload for this exercise? They had different kind of problems, Jimmy, you know that though. Again, I'm not a discounting one and B did, but have you ever seen a single guy carry a team quite like yogurts did this year? When he went off the floor, they died. They collapsed, they were probably, I think they would have been the worst team in the west without them. And instead they were 48 win team. Bobby, you act as, again, he had a great season and he was the most valuable player on the Denver Nuggets roster. But what he did above anything and everything that other players did in the entire NBA. No. Joelle averaged 30 plus points led to do you know how hard it would be to lead the league in a score when they don't? There's nothing wrong with second place. Well, yoga should understand that. He shouldn't be second place. Think about this for a second. Joelle is doing things that the league is legislating him not to be capable of doing it. I like this. Joel led the league in scoring in a league that doesn't want citizen even play, let alone score. And he did it with tyrese maxi. So isn't great. But max. Max is a revelation, though maxi is more of a new are you sure that he did it with maxi or did he help max to become a better player? I'm sure. Let me ask this question. I like that. Bobby, let me ask you this question. The last time I checked was the MVP has a way of elevating the place. It's just a game. All right, let me ask you this. Should the NBA MVP play defense? Be shut down by grant Williams. What? Exactly. What? Good question. Should the NBA MVP be someone that grant Williams can shut down? Well, Kevin Durant was he's one of MVP and I guess he's kind of been shut down. Why you said arguing last year? Batman. Batman has shut down some people here by the way this year. Defensive player of the year considered..

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