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Came out in nineteen seventy six. It was a movie directed by alan parker in stars. Jodie foster scott baeau who We have also briefly even happy days. Florence garland john cassisi. Bonnie langford dexter fletcher among others. It was nominated for one oscar for best music original song score and its adaptation or best adaptation score which like great is such a long term. I don't actually know what it means. And they don't call it that anymore. So had something to do with music and box office receipts. Were not really track. Like they are today in nineteen seventy six but we do know it was not much of a hit in the united states however in my research i've seen it was a huge hit in the united kingdom. I saw one article mentioned that children in ethiopia have grown up with this movie. I've also seen. It was a hit in japan so apparently this is a movie that was well loved just not in the united states. I mean the plot was all. Us his history. I mean loose. Us and it was a little bit back in the day and seems like perfect american musical. I know and if you are not familiar with this period in american history and honestly. I don't know why you would be united states like yeah. It's kind of a. It's wildly doing yeah. It was forty years in the past from the time. The movie came out and it was targeted at children. Who absolutely did not live at that time. I don't know yeah so this movie. Think basically what you need to know as before we go any further is that this is a musical spoof on gangster films and all of the rules don't roles but they're played by children. Yes a hundred percent of the cast is children. There are no adults average. Age was twelve so like actual children in ice on. No one was older than sixteen. I saw than seventeen so maybe a birthday foul in the middle. Maybe either way. None of them were legal. Voting age won't at the time they filmed. Yeah which they had to have like teachers onset and they couldn't shoot at night and so lots of restrictions on that but this was the vision that the director had because the son gave the idea which is funny. I mean it sounds like something. A kid would just say about any movie but he happened to say it to his director. Father about this movie sure. Yeah i read an interview with the director in. He said i had four young children in. We used to go up to cottage on the weekends. In on the long boring car journey up there i started telling the story of a gangster called bugsy malone and they'd ask questions i'd makeup answers based on my memories of watching old movie reruns as a kid and it. Yeah like you said it was. His idea has sunset can the heroes kids in the ids. Say can as well as the villains and everybody else. Yup must be box right. No you're not no but that's the best punch. I've saw even coached door taking it up. Nope why not. You could be a champion. There had the chance. I could help you. You know cagey joe. No you must know sluggish as much through you know what's your name anyway Smith leroy smith bugsy malone put it there leeway. You've got yourself a manager in the thirties. Around prohibition and there were two dueling mobs or gangs gangs and loosely based off of like al capone and Another gangster call eggs marine. Yeah it was like it's close. The best part. I think is that because you know you're like oh a mobster. Movie gangster. Movie played by kids of that seems a little grotesque No because the guns shot whip cream and they like literally also took pies and through pies at each other amazing Yes i love it. I love that all of the children when they are getting pied were shot. I guess they're splurged with the whipped game to like no no. What did i do to deserve this out. Like the die when this happens but at the same time like they are very upset and do not want this to happen and you don't see them again so yeah Apparently they did not actually shoot the whipped cream on saturday. Tried doing it with wax balls filled with cream but it actually hurts people to shoot them with it did on adults so instead they shot pingpong balls and then they used editing to make it look like they were getting lurched yeah that must've been so like what a fun movie to be on as a kid who's gonna throw of cream at each other. I feel like as an adult. It would be a blast so yes as a kid. That would be amazing. I'd be more conscious about my hair washing schedule. And.

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