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All across america eight six six ninety redeye he is calling and i'm gary mcnamara thanks so much for being here this morning how's everybody doing i dunno thanks for being here for this friday you know as we talked about immigration and what went on the last week i just want to play a big i got an audio cut here from the federal dot com podcasts okay david harsanyi and used to write i think for the denver post and now part of the federalist dot com a a critical thinker and mollie hemingway and i'm gonna play this for for two different reasons first off there as they talk about illegal immigration and what's been going on here and and they make she makes a great point shale she makes a great point at the end talking about that if you go on twitter all all all the left it seems like everybody is for basically for open borders and no rules on immigration right now she points out the american people aren't there yes they assume the american people deserve so you go on social media and you think that's the case but it's not but i just want to play a couple of things that that they talk about that i think really uh hit home i think to a lot of americans here we got her think that the place where everybody can agree is by following rule of law so i think we should talk about how much immigration we want and how we want it and instead what we do is we have these incredibly idiotic debates where we put up different sympathetic group to avoid having a conversation about our borders and enforcement you can be for much higher immigration and still think that we need border enforcement and rule of law to govern this and that's where everyone should be able to come together that we have the fight as a people about what we want our immigration policy to be and then we enforce it and instead it seems like we try and find all these loopholes and it ends up making people who want less immigration even angrier and less trusting of their government because they've seen how this goes how people on both sides of the aisle claim they care about border enforcement they claim they care about immigration policy but really they just kind of want to abdicate responsibility and not enforce it at all you know you know i know many immigrants my family you know my parents were immigrants and no one gets angry about this than people who immigrate here the right way right because they go through a very long process it's not that easy i mean i think we have a million new citizens or immigrants i forget what the number is every year but it is still pretty tough process everyone wants to come here proximity shouldn't give you that much of an advantage i mean i don't think it should so i mean i'm i'm a big fan of immigration but i want to know who's in the country i want them to come here safely do we want children just walking over the border i don't even understand what the argument on the left is here comparing this to nazis and concentration camps i'm not even exaggerating morning joe literally compared ice agents to the nazis who send kids that the showers i mean about how maybe like i can't understand why the white house does such a poor job communicating although i wanna point out that kirchen nelson did a fantastic job of explaining the law and enforcement of the law during her press conference but that was after all the angst had already come down the pike but when you have morning joe and mika brzezinski like losing their ever living minds and just rendering themselves more and more worthless to listen to that's kind of a net win for trump everyone on twitter and media seems to agree that we shouldn't have enforcement of our border laws that doesn't mean that americans agree in fact there there you go in fact as we talked about when it comes to open borders and things and i just want to play the number one they've mentioned a lot of points that we mentioned this week that are hard of what's going on here is the democrats will do anything except to discuss what they actually want when it comes to.

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