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Tackling child and nobody ever talked about it like I never know lighthearted be out till we have a podcast guests with a very busy man who won't be back in town until super late so the episode was GonNa keep us out late a publicizing anyways we're having a live podcast in new warned the worst say is our first live pockets because we didn't really put your name down and essentially click by ticket even though it'll be zero dollars We do have to have a list we're GonNa be giving away merch it's going to be a really cool experience free food free admission you know it's going to be a good time on like Josh mentioned another another outside of drew that that were not not able to speak on yet but he has a football player and you know it'd be good good chance for us to get out there and and meet some of you guys and have some fun can do I'm looking I'm personally looking forward to that thousand dollar Gateway Live picking now the crowd yeah that's fun so yeah so that will be I'm not sure how we're going to pick that guests but the time to brainstorm so definitely come it'll be some great conversations some good food and just good vibe overall in hey you might want a thousand dollars so might as well show up got to lose nothing wrong with that you WANNA get into some heart heart you before get into this for the tenth time just WanNa let you guys know how you can ask questions on the show as you know our sponsor we have our own van Mopey age where we pay out our giveaway winners and we also accept question so at lighthearted podcasts as a friend on VETCO senators penny ask your question in in the payment note and then we'll go through those we'll read them for the show Kevin Wong wants to know what's your go to move when you get someone on Jay Hart Island I already know the answer to this but I'm I'm GonNa let you go see I don't I don't really get well I haven't really had that opportunity last the thing down here in would have that that freedom a little bit more I'm definitely a big to Gerbil to Gerbil spend guy so my hard hard to do a spin guy so yeah that's probably my go to move up the nose in trick bag but a fan of the fans have a lot of time to kill and video editing skills make me a j heart to Gerbil spin compilation because I want to I want I don't WanNa see that let's see Alan Smith wants to know being that you've created your own media platform do you plan continuing after basketball big fan of the pod thanks Allen thank you I think so how does kind of trying to get this kind of off off the ground and kind of you know really flourishing in something that I can definitely see more diverse doing in the future are see we bought this is the main thing I was the main thing the main thing but I think we definitely can see ourselves kind of taking this and growing it into something bigger we want to do something you know kind of like TV shows or whatever it is I think a good foundation of a building I know different media platform that we Kinda WanNa do so I think it's no good star I think it's definitely something that I can see us doing the future yeah it's been fun thing you know we say this all the time but it's just really cool in this day and age to have an idea and then be able to just you don't you know and and put something out that people want to want to listen to every week it's tumbling and it's it's fun spends epic wants to know Har when you get in the new dog January a target date so I really have to it's right now but I Don I really don't have the time to get one right now but in January and my girlfriends come and move down down here down in New Orleans so did that give breaks back I'd probably break but like the beginning of January have like a ten to twelve day span where we have like one the game but the rest of home games so she'll be down here so when I'm on the road to be able to watch both of them and then I'll see you know that time like the first couple of weeks I'll be here kind of like no no kind of helped train 'em and I be there so definitely looking you know kind of like the beginning of January beginning to mid January so I'm so tired debate what what kind I want your that you're at here I J getting his Ah mid-january not getting a pip bro get a pit head to the greatest no no pitcher too small you find you find a nice nice stocky one nice like eighty five ninety pounds pure muscle one too On the I want my I want my boy dog CANOVA's one hundred one my board ought to be at least one ten at the very least I want like I thought what a cane I would like I would really hope my cane would be like one thirty so you WanNa you want near next to be bigger than king Mr Wow okay actually talking to a like a bed company because Shannon hates Nova sleeping in the bed because she's so big so you know obviously to channel around the house so you can sleep in Nova none I'm how that actually I should kick around putting guess from but I'm thinking about getting a and it's not twice as big cow king but it's like a how king and a half of a cow king so like I think the one of looking at it with like ten feet by eleven feet so basically this guy is just a monster bed that and if I have that view would have both of these martyrs in the bedroom so we'll see I'm not sure if my ms big enough for it but this is the extent and you know I will go to to make sure my comes like if my dog is from sleeping on my leg down my dog and like my dogs comfortable but like I'm uncomfortable if I'm pushed off to the side our purposely like sleep or lay down uncomfortable in some way dog and dislike relax I'm that I'm like that dog owner you're a good man last question Corey Savona Josh wha- what are we going to do about your high five Mrs we gotta get that worked out because we don't leave people hanging in Nola we come on I mean I don't even know where to start here sometimes I don't I don't know what we're going through my mind sometimes sometimes I'm like I'm just like anticipating my oh I think I think this person going to turn to I mean like my hands right there but he is I mean I think that last one was I I think that was as clear cut like I'll I'll just right there I in in division I had my hand out this I don't know I guess he was just excited you gotta an one And I don I maybe it's the mad villanova butter duke or I don't know man after I don't know hey you never know so we'll have to work with some techniques you're a good teammate you show support and and time after time this is you just get paid out here it happens should we ask this winter okay so this week's winner of our been Mo- giveaway is my man Alexander boys Wpro shutout to man Alexander Boyd as you know Alexander I'm being nosy into your your feet and your history someone pay for Sushi so I'm hoping or further hoping it was a girl I'm hoping within like you took on a date and Mater Ben you for Sushi but your big Sushi guy an I respect tax I love Sushi so with that being said Charlotta my main Alexander for being this week's Van Mojo giveaway winner and like I said to the rest of the good folks earlier and Intro don't be discouraged make sure you is You know I'm just letting you know Alex you go ahead Dilemma Girl Lauren E for free a couple times I I'm seeing on audience the most oh no dinner dinner Oh maybe she's paying you to get dinner never know but you think anybody's ever gotten cheating by there definitely should have had I'm definitely I'm not implying Alex Board is cheating and putting that on but there's someone in his word at definitely got caught up on Venema probably the funniest and I would love to hear that story if there is one but what having said on my good people don't be discouraged Mason you guys just add us on van more the light-hearted podcast and you know listen to podcasts in hey you might win next week or if not the week after not that we got to that and going on so don't be discouraged all the baby we shared wealth I'll love always an please if you're based in New Orleans you know be on the lookout for this live this live event we'll post the the link to get to get in and the Flyer will post them all of our socials and who knows Josh might even post it definitely story Guy cool and let's get into those getting next gas this is a this is a this is again this is for the for the New Orleans people you know is this for this is Louisiana Shit Yeah we have the owner founder chef fry cook and Cashier Fry Cook see Fry Cook and all that one my men todd graves have him on a podcast this was actually fun it was really fun because this is that the national fart singer festival which was crazy which definitely with my with on off donald very fat is they I had some fire gusts fried chicken oh I had and they just kept bringing rain during that was fire district donuts they had a good Joseph Josefina Josephine had the fried chicken sandwich crazy disag- donors had that one od like biscuit a fried chicken sandwich and they have some if we gather don't disag- doughnuts I'm not I've never been to the actually the store but I think it's you know in downtown New Orleans but Jackson brought some district donut like the donut holes on a plane the other day and they were fires I I just I hope disc donuts be listening I hope you know whenever I come down you can give me like like some hot donut holes could those all because they were they were just they weren't warm or anything regular and they will fire second this imagine if those were like like freshly made oh boy who they had they would have to be Oleg with like a crispy cream hotline type thing if they have that all man until you take all my money and hopefully you guys have jelly filled I love like don't hold with Jelly so just constructive criticism if you guys don't have if you do Holland me I love it but this was a cool one I mean to you know todd started this company raising cane's which is now massive massive restaurant chain that it's in Dubai actually it's in the in the in the Middle East Lebanon to but anyway he started this right out of college at backing Baton Rouge and could investment so he worked a ton of jobs and then saved up a bunch and started it and it was just cool story about entrepreneurship and you know we really got to hear how he went from one restaurant to you know hundreds and I think they do over a billion dollars in revenue so really really good story todd is one of the nicest coolest people ever and he and his last name his grades and he brought us wine from the graves region there's nothing more than that yeah so I mean you know those things join one thing though you know just sticks out to me somebody just his love and his passion for giving back and not just now when he opens right in different locations you know they they.

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