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Gene gene gene nato welcoming everybody's got these radio on this day the think they of november eight monday in the uraba of over two thousand seventeen i appreciate you joining us for the second half of the show appreciate you tell another people about it let's get right to been talking as most of talk radio is across the state of alabama railway more you have been weighing in we had matthew boyle from a breitbart the first quarter of the program talking about them being down here different news outlets trying to get to the bottom of this trying to find which is amazing because so many in washington dc about the truth they just decided that really more has to go uh let's go to the phones brenda welcome to the program appreciate you listening in athens alabama prior hey brenda how are you pretty good he says it's needed a woman's perspective i absolutely do because um the wall street journal is predicting that women will be a potent political force in the run all are in this special election in december i don't think they would have written this a week ago for alabama and i'm just trying to understand because i'm a guy and i'm i'm wondering where women are going on this issue okay the reason that they as because the men and i can only speak for myself and women that i know personally we're very um judgmental it's just how i don't know why they branded you said that i didn't correct a crack however having said that uh i read i read all of this information iran all of accusation um and i thought to myself um she does daddy daddy issues okay uh really more while they were in co momma was probably the really mean 30s come on big probably should have ended up putting her in foster care if the judge get back to her mom okay she has an overbearing mother whose very controlling and this girl's probably being of this and to escape a teenager uh and the article information that i have from teenagers uh they make things up and he smiled at her and for a minute she felt happy because somebody look like they cared about and he took it to the ends to.

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