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Did have customer relationship management as its primary focus the thing that goldberg had suggested when he called up ellison and you could argue that netflix was the first real cloud computing company the first real commercial cloud computing company out there was pretty much net sweet but salesforce dot com ended up making the bigger impact it grew faster it got a lot more attention if you look online for stories about the history of cloud computing like i did salesforce dot com pops up way more frequently than net sweet does for the stories oh and ellison also invested money in salesforce dot com to so spreading your bets back to that ledger gradually goldberg and his team began to add in other features in addition to accounting and again they were all meant to help those smaller businesses manage various operations through more centralized approach and it falls into a category of products eventually at least one of the offerings called enterprise resource planning or erp in which a system allows business operators the chance to get kind of a holistic view of what's going on behind the scenes of their companies i'll talk more about erp a bit later and go into greater detail about what that entails but it's really big stuff i mean it stuff that's when you try to wrap your mind around it when you just start to consider how complex it is you realize that a tool that automates this could be really really useful if it's implemented properly now oracle would end up licensing that ledgers product under the name oracle small business suite for a short while but that experiment didn't last terribly long and eventually they kind of dropped that branding in two thousand one scene net ran a review oracle small business suite seven point oh and at that time net ledger wasn't just accounting it was also handling sales tracking customer inquiry processing and more but the review concluded that the then price of ninety nine dollars per month was pretty steep.

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