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Cuckoo? Hey, everybody. Welcome to another sketchy persona out of bars where we talk about everything and not so great and the world Annemie as always I have with me you guys pay Trevor Belmont, baby. Moms like Earl. Earl Earl to be back, and you know, it's girl TM will car Dracula Queen of the dead baby moms, I keep all vampire based in. My pocket was. Just what else did you expect? We are hoops clean. You know, we've been gone for a minute. I feel like I say this every time we dropping, but we back with the jump off. And you know, we didn't want to leave an end this year without giving the kids giving family give you never heard some half fire to listen during the holidays, whatever you celebrate. So you know, it's been quite a year two thousand eighteen quite a year. It's been a long s year, but also quick s year. I don't know how that works. But there's been a lot of anime content. That has dropped this year is slow. You know, we wanted to talk about some of those things sip of our faves, maybe some shit that was kinda wack. We just go free bullet like we always do. But really we just really wanted to touch on what our favorite animates up two thousand eighteen were and yeah, she'll be start with yours. Yes. First of all, I wanna say don't be like me. Okay. When the new year starts just start making the list of all the shit that you are enjoying because you're going to tell yourself what I'm not some old ho I'm Duckie gonna remember all of this gracious die. Big mistake. Like, I had to scramble in go through my mind to think of all these so is not in any particular order. Right. It's not like most important or least recreates winning deathly forgot you see. That's definitely Biddle might top lose y'all recruiters was so fire. Doug, like, I so y'all mill that I am a very emotional soft baby. And I mean like I like a little bit of the little bit of the fighting fight. But not too much. And recruiters somehow was able to balance both of them, and it's on Amazon guys like Amazon is an evil hell mouth of corporation. A are. They are. They are the worst. Don't let an Amazon listening device into your home. I am begging you it is a tool. Babylon you outside the Bicester my sister's like should we get dad one of those for Christmas? And I was like, no we circumstance you don't get that for someone that you you don't have some wine corporate survey. We get that made regular bluetooth speaker. Daddy, does not need a Google home at Alexa. No, we don't need that kind of demon Babylon energy in a house out even live even live there anymore. But we don't need it in our house I reveal kit, I won't even suggested to my own parents because I might add is not super technologically savvy. But he knows how to shout. So definitely just Alexa. Just you know, just I don't have the time. True. My Jeff for absolutely. So like, so minus the deep moral issues with Amazon as an organization we got way off Vic sorry. Sorry. Sorry. No, no. It's like recruiters was so well done like may took every single anime, John. Right. Like, you have like the Kauai e magic girls you have like the dark and twisty scary bitches. You have like the actual like like major girls, and then you have like V unassuming doofus met like every single character. It's almost like. Fate day. On drugs. It's some wild shit. Like it has action it has drama his like slight romance. But not really not too much where you're gonna be like, you know, what I mean? But like, it's it is that it's hat fire. It's the perfect amount. Honestly, because sometimes like romance animates thing, you're just like all right? This is just like some it gets. It can be like to sweet with like the romance and stuff like that. Right. This was like the perfect amount and the fight scenes are unparalleled. Yeah. And this is as somebody who stopped in the middle because I had to recover from care to that. I loved being a grueling don't bring that. It was very stressful. Y'all know that if anything is stressful. I will turn off my television like s tem came here. She does it all the time actually regularly. She'll be like why are you three weeks behind? I'm like mine your business. Okay. Emotionally, recovering from whatever. The fuck. I just saw so recruiters is at the top of my list, we can go one to one. So you can go next. So I when I was like going through like what was my favorites deficit was going through like my crunchy roll history to go back and see what I was watching dog. This year has been so long that I forgot darling in the Franks came out this year. I thought I should try that was your face. Yeah. I thought I should drop in two thousand seventeen and it actually jumped the gaming of this year. And and then it's like kind of bitter sweet because it was like the anime that deny like where screaming at show pay to watch. The she still hasn't watched. But it's fine. Will you have now? I haven't even started to talk about Shing. Right. So finish it. So our pizza anime mom, but I know this probably would have been on her topless because like this shit was fucking great. And it was a romance enemy, and y'all know this this over here is Queen of darkness in action. I want I just want motherfuckers get blown up and cut in all kinds of kung FU high yacht type shit, and it was a romance enemy that didn't make me vomit in my mouth because the bushes. So well done and there was still so much action in it. But I I'm kinda wanna go back and watch it. But I cried a lot of the Franks admitted why you so motion than I wanna watch this. Okay. Maybe I'll add that to my Holland s like, darling, the Franks was was that girl. Like, it really was that girl. Like, I mean, there were a lot of other great enemies that came out this year, but we will start from the top like the top of two thousand eighteen Darlie in the Franks Nash it came out. I really swear it came at the end of two thousand seventeen but when I looked it was like no two thousand eighteen like damn been quite a year. But yes, definitely darling, the Franks, and this is not in particular order. But this if I had like a top five this would probably be in my top three of animated, our watch this year that will make sure I'll put that on my list. So in true me faction, the ancient Megan's bride. Okay. I've been ringing that that came out this year. I feel like it did like now I'm just doing my favorites that I remember watching this year. I don't think the ancient mega says bride was from last year. Let's go. I'm you keep talking. I'm going to Google viz. Yes. So the ancient mega says bride was definitely mush it outs. Now show pay it came out. It started last fall. But it ended this spring so in ended this. Yeah. Hand like twenty four episodes. Okay. That's fine. Well, we'll move onto a little definitely show Agra suco on Netflix. Oh, yeah. That was in March in again, it is so different from what we usually watch. Because you see all these animated like animals, you think it's going to be like some cutesy shit. But really it is like if you ever saw a office space, it's like that. But with animals everyone can relate to like having annoying nosy co workers in having possibly an incompetent misogynistic boss having asked casing co workers. And then like randomly having people in your office who exude being like bad essence in he wanted emulate them. And he want to like, how can I be part of, you know, their group or whatever the fuck, and it's just I was surprised by how good it was. And also, I didn't realize how much rage I had at my former employers because I definitely. To lay down a couple of times because you're just like, it's so. Right. Like is somebody watching me at work? And then you get mad all over again. Because it's like why do we all relate with these shitty? Workplaces you know, it's a lie. Most of us work really shitty. Workplaces or half or have worked should work places. Like if you don't currently work in one you have probably worked in one. And that's what made it like so funny because I mean, my they blew my bosses not misogynistic. But you know, I did with some incompetent upper level people at my job. And it's just like you just have those relight bitch for rail. Like, you get paid the big bucks. And you're

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