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Host today. Run wolf son of Pierre will as the Denver post news of says, I chronic Denver respite tour here will owner of the coral dies at ninety three we're celebrating care will life, very, very rich in mazing life story of success. What I call it great American story today in, I am absolutely. Delighted to have joining our show. Here's wife, MRs here, will gene wool, my beloved mom, and mom. Welcome to America's dining and travel guides. So great to have you on. Let's start with this. How many years were you in that married, I run nice talk to you? We won't marry for fifty eight years, and I want to start would my history before I met here, and how I grew up, my I was a depression child. I was born in nineteen thirty. My father had a job. My mother did not have a job and the amazing thing was doing the depression. If people were married, only one person was allowed to have a job. Yeah. So few and far between. So I was very lucky. However, it was the depression. And we did not have a lot of money. My mother made all of my clothes for me. Because you put no to buy any also will. All does that he made for me. She made hand to go with them under underpants. That was interesting. When I pointed out, go out, I didn't know, we will pour it never entered my mind because everybody was in the same situation. Finally, when I decided to go to college, I asked my mother for money to go to college. And she shut there isn't any so I was really pretty upset. And what happened is I went to work the travelers and company in Hartford, Connecticut. I live with my aunt, and I had to pay them seven dollars a week room and board. Can you believe that this is a ninth one in the mazing time? And how different is mom from then to now such as story. Please carry on. Yes, seven downloads, a week, one day one dollar for each day of the week. But can you imagine never going to work anymore? The next thing that happened is when I want to work at the travelers, I found out that I really didn't like it. I wasn't a huge room. The boss was sitting at the back of the room. And so he therefore so I'll everybody in front of him when I got up to go to use the restroom or whatever, and I said, this is not going to be, I'm going to go to college. So I say on my money and at the end of the first fifteen months that was June through August of the following year. I had made enough money to go to college. And I called the dean of my college is now called the Connecticut state university. I call the denies and I can't take that test. Again, it was a five hour test, and he said, it's okay, you scored high enough that you don't have to take the test ever again. I. Should wait. I won't be there. So that's how it happened. I get a scholarship. Thank God that helps a lot. And anyway, that's what happened. My father died as when I was in junior rank college. And that was really quite a terrible time, but I should buy it graduated from college finally came to Denver, Colorado. And I told the my principle that I needed to make money in the summer. So the principal said you'd go back to school. I said, no, no, no. I need to make money. Does race track and Colorado? So I immediately in February one out to the racetrack 'cause she apply could get myself a job in the summer and guess what? I did in edible I got a job at the racetrack. I actually worked there four summers. And that's how I meant peer. What happened is he had a date and I had a date, and we went to this marvelous place called. Millage garden where they had a summer theater. And my date said there's peer, Iran ahead. Left me standing flat-footed in the middle of the past. With Pierre and brought Pierre and his day in my day came back to me. That's how I met here. And then he said to me. Where do you work? And I said, I work at the racetrack. He said, no, you don't. I know everybody that works at the racetrack. I that's true. But my lunch hour is from ten thirty to eleven o'clock, so that isn't quite the way that I went ever get to go to his first restaurant, which is the patio and I want to cross the street from the racetrack across the street from centennial racetrack in then south Denver so dead. My understanding is all the employees like you said mall all new here. They all went over there because you in doing ploy, you had a different lunch hour and could never go meet this guy. But it sounds like you had a chance encounter at gardens. And it sounds like you are going to have a love story here. And the race track is always closed on a Monday. So my gay took me to the patio on that Monday, NPR showed me around the restaurant and this woman pool outside took me into the. Office, and he said, would you like to go out with me? And I said, yes. I like to eat good food. And so he took my phone number put it on his calendar in the office. And then I went back to have dinner with my date, and the interesting thing is my date. Also worked at the racetrack and here did not call me for one month and when he finally calls, may I said, what is taking you so long to call me? He said, well, I would didn't want to interfere with your with your romance. With with regained guy said this is ridiculous. But anyway, that's how I met here. So we are talking with Jean wool wife of here. Wolf on this special tribute to peer world in memoriam and scraped to have you on the program on. I know that one of the things we want to talk about is your mazing honeymoon followed. We've got about ninety seconds until the break so we can continue on the other side of please. Carry on my honeymoon was terrific. Remember onto person child, I had no money. We went to France. We went to Europe, but France, I and I couldn't believe all of these wonderful things that we were seeing the iphone tower. It's really true. It was there, but calculator, and then we got on the, on the river Seine, which is called the bottle moose. And this is terrific because now you see all of the things from. Ripple level. It was an incredibly wonderful. Never had anything like that happening. I'll tell you what mom, one of the things that, that I was lucky enough to be born to you and peer. We're sure. Oh, many trips that you took me on took me on the battle moves..

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