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Radio app in your smart speaker. So talking about this cash, bail business and yes, it can be an inconvenience. There's no doubt about it and again, just to reiterate the standard to hold somebody in custody is probable cause. Not guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. So the potential exists for somebody to be locked up for a period of time during which they could hopefully raise bail. If they're if they're suitable or or they're going to have to be there for a while in the interest of justice, but it's not a willy nilly set of circumstances. These are people for whom it had sufficient evidence has been developed and presented. By the way, there's an attestation to this When a person is arrested, it has to be It has to be articulated on a specific document showing the court did. Yes, Here's the crime that was committed. And the probable cause is that this person now in custody is the one responsible for the commission that crime again. I'm going to stay with that stolen car example. You've got the guy driving the car, the ignitions punched out. His reported stolen. He flees the police when they try to stop him. Okay, so looking at data from the district attorney's office and the sheriff's department in Sacramento County, going back to March 18th of 2020. Through this month through roughly the first of this month. Approximately 5100 individuals have been released after arrest without dollar bail amount set Yep, you with me that way 5100 individuals arrested and then released because of there's no cash bail system. Of those arrested and released over 1700 individuals have been rearrested after that release. So look at the numbers on that into itself, 5100 locked up and kicked out right away. Because of this, this this new concept, 1700 rearrested thereafter. So that means 1700 times more people have been victims of crime 1700 times more law enforcement officers have been impacted by having to deal with somebody. In the course of effectuating an arrest, which is the most dangerous thing they're going to do in their career. Some have been re arrested and released at multiple times. So it's interesting to note that the district attorney's office the Police Department, the sheriff's Department, I'll get calls on an ongoing basis from business organizations about so called chronic low level offenders who commit offenses such as vandalism and are re arrested and released on multiple occasions. These offenders affect the quality of life and often often presents significant impediments took to the conducting a business in many different parts of the county and especially probably, most notably the downtown core. However. There are individuals arrested and released on weapons related offenses and go on to commit violent, serious felonies after their release one such person as a man by the name of Keshawn Slaten. He was arrested on May 20th 2020 for a violation of vehicle code section 2800.2, which is a felony evading pursuit and pillow code section. 32 6 25 B. Which is possession of a high capacity, fully automatic weapon that was included with other charges related to the weapon discovered in his vehicle at the time. Effectively. Mr Slate was involved in a high speed pursuit crashed the car he was driving and then fled on foot. Located in the car was a fully automatic 40 caliber ghost gun. With a 30 round magazine. The firearm was seized as evidence upon arrest at the time segment of county jail was operating under an emergency bail schedule even though charged with with a host of felonies, including possession of a machine gun. Slaten was not allowed to be held and had to be released during the booking process at zero bail. That was the policy of the state of California. Released on zero bail. Slaten is charged now with committing a murder some seven months later on February 14 Valentine's Day. The allegations are that on that date, Slaten instigated a gang related exchange of words with the victim while inside a local convenience store on a very busy street major thoroughfare. Slight and followed the victim out of the store and again produced a new, fully automatic 40 caliber handgun with extended magazine. He fired 23 rounds of ammunition in less than two seconds, killing the victim. All of this was captured on video surveillance. At 4 30 in the afternoon. So even in February, that's daylight folks. Anyone who flees the police in a reckless manner, flees on foot and is found to have fully automatic firearms should be in custody awaiting his trial. It's a public safety issue. Think about it. Isn't that just the basics? Isn't that common sense? December 29 2020 Asian. Von was arrested during a probation search and found to be a felon in possession of ammunition on March 21st 2021 after being released without bail. Vaughn was a passenger in the vehicle when you when he observed one of his rivals sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car, von got out of the passenger side walked up to his rival. And shot 18 rounds into the vehicle, killing him. Both of the these homicides are pending cases and the facts described here and are available in public court documents. So and then, of course, we have the next one. These are people who The Legislature into some degree. The state Supreme Court, in their infinite wisdom thought made sense to to release these people not to hold him in custody because it could be unfair to people who don't have a lot of resources to be held in custody when people have a lot of resources can bail out. The next one is a guy named Troy Davis. You heard of him because he is now in custody for this egregious murder and land Park. Uh, in 2016 to 17 eighties, arrested and convicted of multiple violent charges in Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties. He's prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to time in prison. For whatever reason he's out early. I don't know why I am calling on CDC Arc Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to let us know why did you let him out early? Why is he not in custody? Why was the will of the people as represented in California statutory law not respected. Why was the will of the judge and jury not respected? This person earned his way into custody. But he didn't stay in custody. He got out again, and in June of this year he was stopped in El Grove, driving the aforementioned stolen car. Um,.

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