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You and now you're going to hold us up for extra my you don't wanna play for the united states national team you don't wear the crest you on grateful lot more faxes from the hotel you're supposed to be our partners and i remember moments where we were in room together as a team and we said look are we going to fight this are we not gonna fight this what consensus cracking hold it together then you can see a few guys were hesitant but we made it very clear that in order for this to happen it's got to be united and then facts from the federation you're gonna put a noose over our neck and a bullet to our ed screw yael you're finding your way home and i'm bringing down the olympic team well the olympic team steinbrenner didn't just to send in replacement plays diddy scabs should the players responded in killing great go for it they called his bluff back at the hotel boola vol you're going soccer fans with a news is pressed against the gloss just a glimpse marcelo balboa alexi lalas every when the sip coffee there was no way hang steinbrenner was going to send in the scabs replace these big names to represent the united states in the biggest tournament in south america yes absolute of done it yet didn't do it hang stowing russia you blinked we came to a compromise position which was not a popular decision by the way the members of our board it's no way you're gonna give into these guys get into them now you'll be given into forever reluctantly us soccer agreed to increase the play as fees and on the morning of july seventh nineteen ninetyfive the day before the first game of the copa against chile coach steve sampson finally got his team back you know the thing is that when you ask for more money you'd better live up to it you better go out and prove that you deserve that money steve rounded up lallas and his teammates who had time for just one practice before the first game and i'll never forget them looking at us and saying all right you fuckers you got what you wanted now you do your job.

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