Mary Martinez, Marion Jose, President Trump discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


The hospital social workers choose the patients inside their bed and breakfast concept jose in mary martinez are from michigan and have been staying at the good how scored the last six months pose they use receiving a clinical trial at the cancer center due to a large tumour that he has and they say this is an important resource that makes that trial treatment even possible without this plays the good house we couldn't com is the financial burden on just be to harvey and so we are overly grateful for the people here make this happen marion jose just received good news last week that pose these tumor is beginning to shrink which means now he qualifies for the next six months of the clinical trial and they claimed his plan to stay here with a good house during that time but as i mentioned a record number of gas last month which is why they we are in need of a more space so patients on waiting lists right now can get in and have a place to say i'll tell you about that coming up at five thirty reporting live downtown coal griffin are tv6 nicole thank you time now is 516 the obamas foundation summit wrapped up last night in chicago people from across the world attended that two day event focused on inspiring new generations of leaders chicago rappers common and chance the rapper attended the former president bringing it to close saying changes hard but possible it will wires sustained energy and focus and commitment and most of all it requires resorts that's worth helped comes in well obama says this summit is just the beginning but there's been no official announcement of plans for the future as christmas approaches the local man's package problem might help you save time and money when michael bowman mailed his.

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