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Now from the WFAN sports desk tonight. Here's Bobby useless. Larry Knicks off until Friday when visit the Lakers. The nets are playing for the first time this brand new year, they drag to the finish of the old year losing games last week in Charlotte and in Milwaukee. But tonight, they are back home or they have been playing well lately, and they are certainly resuscitated tonight. Eight twenty five to go in the first half Nestle by twenty Brooklyn fifty three New Orleans. Thirty three is a niche bid for their eighth win in their last nine home games. They've got twenty four points from their Bank so far Shabazz. Napier nine the Mari Carol eight nets by twenty. Raiders tonight. They're bidding for their third straight win. They're taking on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Five of this guy by the second period there at no score at the devils have won three in a row. They are getting outstanding goaltending from rookie MacKenzie. Blackwood is recorded back to back shutouts tonight. The devils. Visit Dallas you can listen to that game radio dot com. The giants have missed the playoffs in six of the past seven seasons. It is Dave Gettleman job to build a playoff caliber team. And the giants GM today. Dressed many of the teams concerns here is what is at the top of his list. It's easy to win games. When you don't have play makers, we need we need to improve the defense. Guys. We've got to get better on the defensive side. And on the offensive side Gettleman has a decision to make about as quarterback. He would not yet commit to Ulli manning as quarterback for twenty nineteen college basketball. Seton Hall on the road to twenty three to go there at Xavier now leading that game seventy two. The sixty eight sport to fifteen to forty five around the clock. Bobby short ten ten once-portly that sad news from the wrestling world tonight as learned that hall of fame WWE announcer mean gene Oakland has died. Aaron Katersky tonight heavyweight champion of the world hulk HOGAN during the wrestling resurgence of the nineteen eighty s standing alongside hulk HOGAN Jesse Ventura. And Andre the giant mean, Jean ochre, lavar world's biggest professional athlete, Andre the giant WWE called Oakland. The most recognizable interviewer in sports entertainment history. His broadcasting career in wrestling began in one thousand nine hundred seventy and his last appearance on WWE TV came a year ago. Oakland was born in South Dakota and spent his later years in Florida before his death at the age of seventy six Oakland, given the name mean, gene by the sports star turned former Minnesota governor Jesse the body Ventura Oakland inducted in the WWE hall of fame in two thousand six by hope ogan tweeted today main gene, I love you my brother rest in peace. Wins. News time eight seventeen this.

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