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Welcome to the digital podcast. Thanks thanks for having established to be here jason. What start with you. And before we get into the history of jubilee media kind of want to talk about. What do you believe. Media is because jubilee media is a digital media company. But you don't play in a traditional contact category or genre. It's not sports media. That's not comedy. It's not food you. I've heard you described jubilee media wanting to be the disney of empathy the again not hey traditional content category. So can you talk about like what. The content is the videos primarily that jubilee puts out and how like why. This is the niche. That you've established yourself absolutely in a lot of ways. As the world gets more divided more cynical jubilee exists bridge people together and provoke empathy. We want to be about human understanding and to really show particularly young people. Would it means to just understand ourselves understand each other understand relationships much better and we've built our company and our shows around that not didactic way or even a pollyanna way but in a way. That's provocative and interesting and really provokes you to think about who you are and the fact that we have often a lot more in common than than we might think so. You're right that a lot of people have trouble opening us into a particular category or box and we see that as a tremendous white space that we want to kind of owning grow into and one of those terms work. I feel like people could have a hard time. Put it in a finger on the pulse of especially when they're trying to think of what empathetic content or programming is like maybe they think of ted lhasa. Because ted lhasa these days but with jubilee media i feel like middle. Ground is probably incorrect from wrong. A good representation of the type of programming that y'all put so can you kind of give me the well one. If you agree that middle ground is like a good example for folks and then kind of what that show is and how. The idea for the show came about absolutely. You're right ten. That empathy is a word. That's being used more and more often these days and i would. I would argue using incorrectly actually at times for us empathy demonstrates requires a diversity of opinion and requires listening and understanding one another but it does not imply agreement. And if you look at the landscape right now. I would argue that. There's very few examples of empathy that we see in fact a lot of media companies are profiting and growing on a lack of entity. I'm kind of this whether it's politics or just yelling at each other not actual listening or understanding so that's a huge space that we see and middle ground is a good embodiment of what we believe about. Middle ground show that brings to opposing sides together as not necessarily to have a debate..

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