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That all together separate doesn't do at the old man that that was now which which one heard in which. I think we're hurt not me neither one earnhardt. I think we're just being blunt so on such. Yeah i could never hold nothing back but held record saying when i said about earnhardt. Winning that race was just stupid. I was frustrated to know and demand. I i i was. I was obsessed with travis because it was constant. Excuse about it was. We were tested somewhere and the sons. A bitches didn't believe me so. I said we'll put somebody into car. Let them drought son of a bitch. They rick mashed in the car. Bascus out drives. The car tells child whose everything's going. He says yeah that's center says to rest by case you know blaming you son of a batch now you lose confidence and then you try to find stuff. Chicken ganassi has driving for chip and You know i i. I told him. I'm smart enough to start working stuff down so i go to drive for chip ganassi. We go to daytona. We miss the race miss the race. Second time we go to rockingham we test with the fastest car. I believe we sat on the pole and practicing and this is what all this engineering and meetings team meetings are coming into play and car chiefs. Who's this guy's going to wipe your ass in this guy's gonna do that and this guy no me and go back to reysen. Oh we everybody's ahead of something that's bull crap. We go to tart target car. We go there to rockingham sterling as the same setup in i the same set of they put a sway bar in the car. They never it out because other damn team meeting okay so we go on finish in the top ten complaining all night long so they tell champ..

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