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Members of our museum and we're very grateful for the support but the same time from a business perspective we always want to be kind of agnostic to a certain extent i don't want to look i'm trying to promote a company's product we're not here to be platform for some product launch by any means at the same time you know we've done a lot of work with microsoft they they've been very generous donors with the museum and they've offered a lot of support they're rolling out things like the hollow lens they're doing a lot of work in mixed reality and arts and culture is just a great source of content for those platforms so i think it's kind of advantageous for them for companies like google and facebook as they were allow oculus to use arts and culture to help promote their products so you possibly see more stuff you'd be doing with outside tech giant's sort of it's undefined at this point and it wouldn't be exclusive it would just be definitely yeah i think i i kind of see them as pushing the you know the subjects in new places but i don't really see us as picking products specifically so things like a are or voice technology a i i want to work with these companies and kind of see hey what are you doing or how can we roll it into our collection and how people engage with art but not so much in like product specific you mentioned a are vr 'em are all part of the extended reality continuum the alphabet suit avail of extent reality and you talked about a couple of possible applications that's one way technology can be more overt if you will another way is content that is as some curator's call it born digital it's art that only ever has existed digitally is this something that that seattle art museum thinks about that it's your job to think about perhaps so definitely yeah we have a number of works right now in the collection that are digital only and it brings up very interesting topics in terms of conservation how do we store that work how do we sort longterm do we have on hard drives drifted back it up what about one hundred years.

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