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But their argument because that argument is unjust that argument is you live in poverty but i get rich is a tough one to argue so their argument was we are making you better we are getting you ready to enter the league of nations we are what would have been set in the nineteenth century civilising you and so the entire argument was based on ethical morality that europe is better and that it's our job like the white man's burden from kipling to make you better and to be fair india is probably the best or the british raj of what we call india south asia is probably the best example of the application of that idea unlike the congo unlike many places in south africa in central africa where that was the argument and they may no pretense of educating anybody of creating a middle class in india they did following the c point mutiny in eighteen fifty six that was a determination there india was too big to rule on on your own it was way too big to occupy british army and so they were going to have to create a indian middle class a pro in a pro british british educated englishspeaking indian middle class and gandhi is part of that.

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