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Tubes thank you we're checking on something that's. Going on, on the northbound Roosevelt boulevard in fact we have. Pinned on moving, their cameras right now northbound Roosevelt boulevard just north of the Schuylkill as you make your way towards a. Whistle Hicken avenue traffic is jamming. Up so watch out for that delay if you're coming off of, seventy six heading up the Roosevelt. Boulevard also keep in mind this weekend Lincoln drive shut down the entire, weekend until six AM Monday for construction and that's between ridge avenue and Wayne avenue as for. Interstate ninety five in the northbound direction we had a disabled vehicle actually was an accident on the ramp to the westbound. Vine expressway that accident has been cleared so that's some good news motorcycling. Western Schuylkill watch out for jammed traffic has you make your way through the rain from the approach of, south street on over, towards Gerard avenue then farther west delays right around, Gladwin on out to the blue route eastbound traffic jams basically from zero to pass the contract curve and then from, city avenue, on into the vine expressway Way, west, on the vine jammed almost the entire length however. Things are. Easing up on the Ben Franklin bridge coming out of Camden heading. Into Philadelphia, on the vine delays seventy six over to broad. Street in jersey, northbound New Jersey turnpike it's a slow ride approaching the pass interchange number three one sixty eight the black. Where spike in we just got. In that the reason for that delay on the northbound boulevard is, a disabled vehicle north of the. Schuylkill expressway taking out the right lane transit we do have a problem, with that sceptres reporting up to thirty minute delays on the Norristown high speed line because of. Signal issues at sixty ninth street station next update in less than ten minutes I'm Troy Morris in the TruMark financial twenty. Four hour traffic center okay here we go CBS three eyewitness weather forecasts. A flash flood watch and look out the window and you could see why Philadelphia surrounding suburbs leeann Poconos, until midnight this afternoon, what's left of it clouds and some sunshine that's, gone showers thundershowers there here eighty six degrees is the temperature. For the high for today then tonight shower thunderstorm early In that's what we have now continuing and, low seventy two tomorrow mostly cloudy. And cooler a few showers and a high of seventy nine for Monday less humid was sounded a high of eighty two Tuesday increasing clouds cancelled a late day. Shower thunderstorm and a high of eighty. Four right now we have eighty two separate it's eighty seven in. Germantown. Eighty five at the acne Cape May sponsored. By Acura for summers better we have eight degrees and rain here at the broadcast center that actually it's a little bit lightened. Up but at the come down there very. Heavily for about ten minutes or so but we have light rain at the broadcast center going. Down to Saturday.

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