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To address this issue in march of just leave it at that house speaker paul ryan at a news conference earlier today joined by the majority leader in the house kevin mccarthy the majority whip steve scalise the republican conference chair cathy mcmorris rogers and congressman rodney davis republican from illinois double you see bfm washington on the subject of immigration the senate is going first and cnn reporting if the two days of procedural fits and starts the senate filing move wednesday to begin debate on immigration reforms aimed resolving what to do with undocumented immigrants who came to the us children whose legal status in the country may soon expire the senate approved a motion by voice vote to begin debate and as they were doing so a group of republican senators said there was a possible deal insight talks still underway in the office of senator susan collins republican from main meanwhile though number senators coming to the floor to speak on this issue erased bernie sanders independent from vermont emigrated from south korea to the united states in 1982 became a dishwasher at a fast food restaurant studied engineering at el camino college after working at low skilled jobs and then became an engineer he left this engineering dropped to support its borders snowboarding ambitions so that he could drive her five and a half hours but the mountain for training congratulations to claw into our entire family you make the united states proud madam president the whole the bay but we are now on the taking over immigration and the dreamers has become somewhat personal for me because it has reminded me in a very strong way that i and my brother off first generation americans we are the sons of an immigrant who came to this country at the age of seventeen without a nickel in his pocket a young man who was a highschool dropout who did not know one word of english and who had no particular trade and a few years at all my brother annoying off families went to the small town but he came from editor just spun me the kind of courage that he showed and.

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