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Because I keep seeing this. I'm addressing absolutely not be made a song from my album I am. I'm single and focused leave. The rumors were poorly paid bloggers who that was targeted it. She fed up with John to lock it in Rome imposing on them niggers behalf rob also posted. I didn't know about this but apparently after the thing with Wajih random girl well there was a song that Kahlani had come out called. You know us up where she basically says that she still wanted to be Mrs Jackson. Why Cheese last night? Oh that's still my Dick Dick. You're still my heart etcetera etcetera. which honestly if they had been sort of each other for as long as they claimed they had had been? This could have been at any point right. They could have so and it just came out. Then I don't know but anyway I hadn't unhurt Shit L.. Since the end so I just assumed she was like dealing with him but also like keeping quiet about it because the nicotine already embarrassed because that's understandable. Yeah a safari to be like actually no I just went on and got rid of that and me and my baby are over here. Doing just fine. I love that for her good job and I mean her mentor. Lanes are literally standing and she's sitting but they look to be in the club. This could be a studio visit. Absolutely a social setting where she is sitting next to some other girls and they they're just just sitting drank in you know there's like a baby hits Arosa or something and just hang the fuck out making music as musicians nations do so my words to be a woman in any form where you have to constantly remind people. Oh I was actually just standing.

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