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I take. I have to sure you got a suitcase, Honey, get suitcase, and the bone saw. So many times. Have the video of them getting out going into the embassy with the luggage, and the bone saw, and they go in there in there for about an hour. You know, just chatting it up packing luggage. Packing, I don't. I don't know, meet, maybe maybe meat of some sort. So they leave now with really heavy luggage, and they go right back to the airport, but the heavy luggage onto the airplane and fly away. Now at the same time that this is released and we have the footage of them doing this at the same time, the United States of America comes out and says, oh, by the way, we have a coded intercept that we got with the prince and the ambassador trying to lure him into the embassy. So the first thing that we know is our CIA or or somebody is releasing that, oh yeah, they were after him. That's not a good sign. Then today, Turkey comes out and I don't know if I believe this because Turkey is a bad player, but Turkey comes out and says, we have equipment in the Saudi embassy and we have on tape, apparently video and audio of him being questioned then tortured than horribly killed. Saudi, say, this is nuts. We're, we're out on every golf course with o. j. Simpson looking for this poor man, we don't know where he is. This is really important for several reasons. Saudi Arabia, supposedly an ally of ours. We are selling a Massimo of mass amount of arms about to be sold from us to Saudi Arabia should not go. And we are coming out kind of on the side of what appears to me, at least to be at this point the truth of, hey, this is the stuff we have. We're not taking a stand one way or another, but it does seem that we are willing to say, yes, yes, something weird going on. Now you tell the rest of the story, Jason, so wow, so much on Packer for one, but I'm bummed. I think that. I think it's very crazy, not crazy, but it's interesting. I mean, Trump was just in the Middle East and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, not so long ago and supposedly asking them for a lot. And that's when he secured that. You know, over one hundred billion dollar deal that apparently, I think Jared Kushner helped like seal that deal. But that was when I don't want to call it reproach. But that's when right when before we started, we got rid of the Iran nuclear deal that was kind of are getting a little bit closer to them saying, sorry about the last eight years. We do care about you guys and we don't care about Iran. So that deal is still kind of like stuck out there. But it's really interesting that as we're trying to get close to them that our intelligence agencies are saying, yes, we're basically helping the Turkish narrative on this just very confusing. We're helping in a proxy war in Yemen was Saudi Arabia there? Yeah, and the rest of the of the, but by the way, the rest of the Gulf nations have backed Saudi Arabia, of course right now, but the rest of the Gulf nations are bitterly opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood bitterly, bitterly opposed. So the Muslim Brotherhood, they're all about political Islam, so they want to use them. They don't care..

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