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Game against cleveland roberts lane on wide receiver. But there were other times. Alex highsmith did a beautiful job. Indeed coverage on wide receivers multiple times when he would get pulled out of his. You know outside linebacker role into that slot because the steelers warning nickel bundu pre did it. He was actually very good at it. Highsmith was pretty got it and sometimes three four. The steelers would choose to cover that receiver in the slot with terrell edmonds if they wanted the front seven to all be dedicated in the box and they were gonna do something like that. They could put terrell edmonds as the man on the slot receiver. And then either you know have a linebacker drop into kind of a robber zone or or have sent a blitz so it wasn't always in the nickel that you would defend that and also in the dime you have usually have multiple slot defenders cameron sutton was was one of them. That's that's that's some of the exceptions most of the time. The most common offense in the nfl is now eleven personnel which means one tied in one running back. And that means you have three wide receivers and then you're gonna have a slot receiver because just the nature of how it is your most likely you'll have a slot receiver we're gonna we're gonna use that for our first half of the show went through. You know y why. The nickel is used the importance of the nickelback. I really wanted to get in why. The nickelback is kind of a linebacker role and has to be able to defend the rhine and the steelers really get a lot of benefit from players who can also blitz out of that nickelback situation so when we get to take a break when we come back. We're going to talk about the players. The steelers played in the slot in the fourth. Preseason game and as well as kind of go over what. I think will happen in the different options. The steelers have to defend the slot because that is the position on the defenses. That is probably at this moment. The least settled and probably one of their weakest spots so stay tuned and we will be right back.

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