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But trump administration officials overruled them in the past one of rolled on rare occasion supervisor point out the mitigating circumstances and would work with her to assess the risk we hear from the attorney for tricia newbold coming up plus republicans in colorado fighting to stop the progressive agenda in the state house and one of brazil's most popular popstars just released an album of live concerts and we're gonna take a listen after news headlines live from n._p._r. news in washington i'm laurie london president trump says he will close the u._s. southern border if necessary but as n._p._r.'s windsor johnston reports his threat comes amid praise for mexico for taking what the white house calls more responsibility to stop migrants from crossing into the u._s. illegally trump on friday warned that he would close the southern border if mexico didn't do more to stop the overwhelming tide of migrant crossings speaking at the white house trump gave mexico credit for apprehending thousands of people in recent days but says more needs to be done border patrols done an incredible job but the system is absolutely maxed out and it's a very unfair thing when asked about the economic consequences of shutting down the border trump acknowledged it would have negative impact but said security is more important than trade windsor johnston n._p._r. news washington civic leaders in los angeles are sounding an alarm over a sudden recent increase in gun violence n._p._r.'s martin kosti has more elliot's focused on shootings right now because of the murder on sunday of rapper nipsy hustle but police chief michael moore says two or three weeks ago his department had already detected a sharp increase in shootings he says the city averaged thirteen shooting victims a week in january and february march we saw that number double to twenty six on average and nearly entirely that increase was in seventy seventh area of south los angeles much of it is gang back nearly all of it is gang related but more says there's no sign that hustles murder was gang related police say it was a personal dispute the chief praised the wrapper for wanting to help to solve the chief called l. as tragic love affair with gun violence martin kosti n._p._r. news one person has been killed and two others injured after an explosion and fire at a chemical plant in harris county texas worker randy villalobos says after the blast he had one urge to get out get out of.

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