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In Portland, A riot broke out in downtown overnight in the one year anniversary of George Floyd's murder by a Minneapolis police officer. KFBK is Michael Kastner reports around 200 people gathered outside of the Multnomah County Justice Center, some lighting fires and fireworks. Others vandalizing the center and city hall. Police say demonstrators yell burn the building down in reference to the Justice Center. They also say some through frozen water bottles and eggs of police. Demonstrators later broke windows at some stores and restaurants downtown Michael Kastner news 93.1 kfbk When that leads us nicely into this hour's featured audio clip, we're coming up on 605 would do this five minutes past every hour and our program we bring you a perspective that maybe you did not see or hear on a network newscast or local newscast. While most national media outlets spent a significant amount of their coverage yesterday, marking the one year anniversary of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Few of them covered this angle. Since the death of George Floyd, nearly 200 Minneapolis officers have left the force here is what a former Minneapolis police officer named Steve Dykstra told Fox News. It is our featured audio clip this hour. Well, this goes back. Before George Floyd. Sense around 2015. I know the city. Minneapolis has been backpedaling, taking tools away from police to enforce the law and keep the streets safe. I see that George Floyd Advantis Tragic is awas as Kind of a build up of years of backpedaling by the police. When when police don't have any tools to use anymore, they They feel pretty helpless out there. Um, you take away loitering laws. Pursuit ability of pursuit vehicles. You don't have to stop for the police in Minneapolis anymore. Thanks to Mayor Fry in the city Council, that is Mark, wait. I have to get frustrated. Wow. And you see is chaos. Violence and real curtain crime. 200 officers have left that force since George Floyd's death and in a lot of mother good cops, you know, the good ones are leaving. Well, I understand his point about officers feeling helpless, but You know, you can't excuse what happened? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Nobody's excusing the bad behavior. But the reality is is that officers are leaving. They're not feeling the support another good cops. And then and then we just had the story in Sacramento. They're going another different direction at a time in places like Saint Louis or de funding officers. They're adding more police officers in Sacramento. You know, it seems like which is a good idea to add the police officers and also at the programs to assist the police officers handled the situation, of course, like the mental health issues and that sort of thing. Absolutely. I mean, those those programs where they have combined the two to go out have been successful so far. Well, we wanted to bring you that aspect of the story because much of the reporting yesterday did not. Clued that which is a full as a full picture of the whole story. Exactly. So okay, I'm gonna give you three things. And you tell me what decade there from? Okay. Acid washed jeans, Uh, scratches and Newt Gingrich. Eighties. Close, like late eighties early nineties, right, so new. Gingrich is back on the scene, apparently, and he is sitting down with former president Trump also the Trump's former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and Senator Lindsey Graham. They all got together and Mar a Lago. And, you know, maybe you played some golf. I don't know, but they're coming up with a new contract. For America. Oh, you're kidding. Contract with America. Remember Newt Gingrich in the contract with America? It turned out to be a wildly successful for Newt Gingrich his political career. They're all sitting down to talk about what a new version of this would look like. That is very interesting. So there especially when we talk about the makeup of the Republican Party and the fight for control, Right, right. I mean math Vitus, still yet to be won by either side is not manifested itself. Yeah, but that is what's going on, apparently behind the scenes. In the Morrow lock that is a brand new development and it's a very interesting one of new contract for America. I wonder what they would call it like two point. Oh, that's what everyone ever nice to call things to point on. All right, they're using that template that OK time now for the top national stories. From ABC News. I'm Sherry Preston, the Manhattan district attorney's office, announcing that a special grand jury has been ceded to decide whether criminal charges are warranted against the Trump Organization. ABC News has learned that witnesses have already been contacted about appearing before the grand jury, which is set to meet three days a week for up to six months. ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl It's the kind of step that a prosecutor takes when they have evidence of a crime. And are preparing to move forward with charges. Of course. Ultimately, it'll be up to that grand jury to decide whether or not those charges are pursued in a statement, the former president calls it a witch hunt being driven by highly partisan prosecutors. At the White House. President Biden and Vice President Harris met with the family of George Floyd on Tuesday, the Police Reform Act named in Floyd's honor, however, it's still stalled in the Senate. Floyd family described this is a really personal meeting with the president and said bite and renewed his promise to push for real reforms. The president had hoped to get this done by yesterday's anniversary of Floyd's murder. Washington obviously missed that moment. But the president is sounding increasingly optimistic, saying he's hopeful that they can now get this done sometime after Memorial Day, maybe see senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce. According to the CDC. Half of all American adults have been fully vaccinated at this point to get more people the shot Brown University's doctor, She's just as companies should help out. We talk a lot about a hesitancy. I think that's the wrong way to think about it For a lot of working class people, it's not easy to take time off. To figure out where to go. So we've got to make it as easy as possible and give people a chance to recover after they've had their vaccine. If they need a day off fish you wanted to get that day off. Former Virginia Senator John Warner has died. He was a World War two that a former Navy secretary served on the Armed Services Committee of the Senate was married at one time to Elizabeth Taylor. He was 94 James Bond, head of Elector Thelma and Louise, a few characters now owned by Jeff Bezos. Amazon's made it official signing agreement to acquire MGM. This is ABC News. Another local D, a. Fighting the governor's plan to release prison inmates early. That's news from your neighborhood in three minutes. But first we're gonna get the traffic.

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