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This is in your to before the millions podcast episode holiday three are you ready to be the master architect of your life are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that khanate the lifestyle you've always dreamt up are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success hey this is derek location independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcasts i am gina lofton i am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast pay their money ms heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions podcasts hey this is marcus crispy host of the seven minute mental podcast global entrepreneur all round geek and you listen to the befall the millions podcasts i am mc laubscher the cash linenger and you're listening to before the millions bought cost you're listening to the before the millions fund cast a whether you're looking to invest where cash flow all building online business that allows you to be location independent you come to the right place mr hollywood himself presents the four the millions podcast and now your host ray welcome back to the before the means podcasts i'm excited to have you here and if this is your first time tuning in than welcome to the poor the moon's podcast and unique to definitely go through the whole back catalogue in listen to every single episode in fact actually just got a selfie a bt himself out cliff from silicon valley he's a software engineer at lincoln and he is currently binging on the before the man's podcast is the listener that sent in the bt himself which is pretty awesome and if you guys want to see it's on my social media which is pretty easy to find so there you have it beats himself is thing so again if you are a new listener and you want to create the lifestyle of your dreams and you believe that real estate is the vehicle to help you do that i highly recommend that you listen to my podcast and all.

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