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Can stain double you too Good Saturday morning It's 5 48 We've got traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks to the traffic center now and Ian Crawford We're going to go back to Maryland first off Nick and into hyattsville specifically four 50 both directions between gallant and street and four ten lanes blocked in both direction to crash late in the 3 o'clock hour early 4 o'clock hour enough to bring down some wires and that is why things are blocked in both directions follow police direction to get around through hyattville this one's going to be there for a while So factor that into your morning driving calculus 95 remains quiet I believe we're seeing the last of our crash activity we haven't done so already northbound BW Parkway after route 100 and then watch for some work that was said to be cropped up near I one 95 mirrorless 8 authorities had that over in the left lane 50 across the bay bridge two lanes eastbound two lanes westbound two and from the shore on a beautiful Saturday around the capitol beltway earlier issues on the outer loop near branch avenue now concluded all traveling have been reopened interloop never was affected by that It continues to go along just fine In Virginia between McLean and Alexander and beltways in good shape 66 work zones of the overnight kind are gone and all traveling to have been reopened for you On three 95 north end on the ramp I believe it's going to be from one ten that ramp narrows with activity on the right side of the ramp and in the gore area off to the left of very careful you may not even be able to use the ramp but if you are able to use a do so do so with a lot of care in the main traveling shouldn't be affecting that on the run toward the 14th street bridge 95 no reported delays as far as south as Fredericksburg district travel may have a new issue 6 and Massachusetts avenue may have a crash that brought down a pole getting that checked out now hopefully have more details for you soon but following police direction in any case the earlier crash we had first Sterling avenue between suitland Parkway and south capital's redistributive 3 o'clock hour apparently it is still there follow police direction to get around This traffic report sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking it's better at Burke and Herbert bank at your service since 1852 I'm Ian Crawford WTO traffic Okay it looks like a pretty nice day Let's get the forecast with storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller And Nick we're taking a look temperatures right now rather cool but we're going to be warm this afternoon.

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