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Pay what a DJ pick one yeah I mean we're going to that Chris Brown Drake no guidance that I got a little problem why why just make you think you mix stoner day continues man we got that rogaine in that the neighborhood for our big interviews of attaining hang out with his Big Boy it is based you can reach me he is the early in the morning his face space yeah the V. twelve on the jeans company choose you planted in click so D. seventeen because you know you hello GT stoner day in in the neighborhood and they he's Seth Rogan into save rogaine broke man I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm very good at first I welcome back to the neighborhood my friend is a pleasure to have you back into the neighborhood and when I installed the trailer for good for good boys I was like oh okay this is the one you went there kind of sausage party where we just saw you know hot dogs and buns talking to each other and now we have like like pre teens doing the most yeah what what was the the motivation behind good boy like most real life you know it's in a way you know those descriptions about the three boys were by in the bottles are you there thank you and your middle school and they are just they're panicked and they don't know what to do yeah they don't know anything which is something that I personally really really I or and.

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